Top generals specializing in climbing ranks of League of Legends masters 9.20

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League of Legends is in an extremely balanced phase when it is currently the version of the World Championship. However, for each meta that League of Legends will have champions that are always prioritized to climb the rankings. Here are the top generals specializing in climbing the ranks of the masters in League of Legends 9.20

Each meta of League of Legends has emerged champions that stand out in their positions with extremely high win rates and are always prioritized to climb rankings, especially high ranks. Below are the most popular champions.

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The most popular generals by the players

Top generals specializing in climbing ranks of League of Legends masters 9.20

1. Kai’sa

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Possessing an extremely high pick rate and an outstanding win rate, Kai’sa is proving to be the strongest AD carry at the moment. Possessing an extremely diverse gameplay when being able to customize the way to build items based on the match situation, being able to build early attack items is also strong, but building in the late game direction is also strong, crit items are also strong. The magic power map is also strong, possesses mobility with an ability to increase movement speed and invisibility, plus a glide ability that makes Kai’sa perfect and super strong in lane. below.

2. Lee Sin

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Since many seasons, Lee Sin has always been the most popular champion in the jungle, especially high ranked players are extremely fond of this champion who possesses a beautiful playstyle and needs a lot of skills. . Possessing extremely high early game strength and always actively invading the enemy’s forest to take advantage is the style of play that masters often use to maximize the power of the Blind Monk.

3. Qiyana

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Although newly released, Qiyana is extremely appreciated for its mobility as well as the ability to put extremely strong damage. Qiyana’s ability to fight in big goals is also not to be underestimated when this general possesses a powerful ultimate explosive World. Qiyana is often used by masters in the jungle and mid lane to take advantage of her mobility to roam to take advantage of her teammates.

4. Pantheon

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The 100% ban in Worlds partly speaks to the power of Pantheon after being remade. The skill set that possesses high damage, pokes, melee combined with extremely strong damage resistance and the ultimate ability to easily roam makes Pantheon extremely popular in both Top and Mid. and Go to the Forest.

5. Nidalee

Top ranked bac high thumping lmht 9 20 5

Nidalee has always been an extremely mutant ranked champion among junglers when he possesses great mobility. The ability to quickly clear the forest, move mobile helps Nidalee to continuously rob the forest and gank all over the map, which is very difficult for you to control. Nidalee’s output damage is also extremely strong, making Nidalee often a champion to climb the ranks of the masters. of Legends-9-20-53740n.aspx
Above are the top generals that are used by the masters and climb the rank in League of Legends, you can see more about Riot’s latest game about to launch League of Legends Wild Rift on mobile. Has a very attractive gameplay. You can refer to how to download and play League of Legends Wild Rift by Taimienphi here.

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