TOP best controller for legendary AR M416 in PUBG Mobile

M416 is one of the most popular rifles in PUBG Mobile game. Let’s explore list of best grips for M416 to make it more powerful when playing PUBG Mobile Please.

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Most players PUBG Mobile often uses M416 as primary weapon because of its strength. Choosing the best handle and stock will make this AR even better. If you are wondering about choosing the Grip for M416, do not hesitate to refer to the list below.

TOP best controller for legendary AR M416 in PUBG Mobile

#first. Half Grip

Half Grip in PUBG Mobile

The Half Grip slightly reduces the recoil of the gun. But most importantly, this handle reduces recoil recovery time, making it easier to aim and shoot accurately in Brust mode. However, the effect of the Half Grip on the dynamic target is not equal to the static target because it controls the horizontal recoil more difficult than the vertical recoil.

#2. Thumb Grip

Thump Grip in PUBG Mobile

The Thumb Grip is the most versatile handle for most weapons in PUBG Mobile. It increases the speed at which Scope is open, allowing you to open up the scope faster to aim and shoot in battle in instant combat. Speed ​​is extremely important in the battle royale game and PUBG Mobile is no exception. If you are a sniper, this grip is extremely necessary.

M416 is a versatile weapon, can be adapted to any range of combat. It is more accurate and useful if equipped with suitable Scope. Therefore, you should use the Thumb Grip to reduce the time to open the viewfinder and take down the target quickly. Although it does not reduce weapon recoil like other gun handles, this is still a great choice because the Thump Grip grip helps stabilize the M416.

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# 3. Vertical Grip

Vertical Grip in PUBG Mobile

Vertical Grip is the most popular gun stock for controlling recoil in PUBG Mobile. This is the best choice for those who want reduced vertical recoil and better control of the M416. However, it is only good at reducing vertical recoil. You should use the Vertical Grip for mid-range combat because the vertical recoil greatly affects the accuracy.

# 4. Angled Grip

Angled Grip in PUBG Mobile

This grip not only reduces horizontal recoil but also increases ADS speed. Then you can shoot faster in this viewfinder. However, you should not use Angled Grip in Brust mode because it reduces accuracy. Since the M416 does not have a Brust mode, it is one of the best Grip for this AR.

# 5. Light Grip

Light Grip in PUBG Mobile

This is the best handle or stock for the M416 in one-touch shooting mode. It increases the precision extremely well for many stable weapons such as M416, Vector and M16A4. Hence, the Light Grip is a great choice for long-range combat if you want to use the M416 as the DMR.

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