Instructions on how to play Pokemon GO from A to Z

“Pokémon GO” used to be the name and the most mentioned phenomenon in 2016 in the world and in Vietnam. Even Nintendo – “father” of this game had to announce “maintenance” on the first day of launch due to system overload. A series of articles related to this game appeared massively on technology forums and online games, instructions to download Pokémon GO, play Pokémon GO games, and install Pokémon GO … It feels like the World The past few days have always revolved around this cult AR game.

So how does this game play, is it too difficult for a beginner or not? Don’t worry, the article below will guide you in detail how to play Pokemon Go from A to Z for beginners. Let’s see how far you can plow this game!

How to set up Pokémon GO for beginners

Download Pokemon GO for iOS Download Pokemon GO for Android

Step 1: After successfully installing Pokémon GO game for your device, you touch icon of the game to start playing.

How to play Pokemon GOGuide to play Pokemon GO

Step 2: The first interface of the game appears, there is only one item, which is “Sign in with“(Login). No need to create an account, no need to register a good phone number Facebook account, just choose to enter Google then enter the information Google account You can play immediately.

Tips to play Pokemon GO

Step 3: The next interface appears, you choose Accept to get started in setting up Pokémon Go.

Step 4: Choose your character. Quite simply, we can only choose men and women.

Continue to customize to change the appearance of the character. Each small square next to will correspond to a part of the body, the character’s appearance, such as skin color, hair color, eye color, clothes, backpack …

Play the game Pokemon GO
Change the default appearance for the character

To change any part or part, just touch its icon, then use two arrow icon Left, right below to change color. Because the game is new or the main purpose of the game is not the playing character, we also have quite a few choices for these changes, and can only change the color of the details, parts. do not change the shape.

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The setting for the character is complete, the main interface of the game will appear. It is important to remember two mandatory rules when playing Pokémon GO:

  • Always turn on the location (Location) feature.
  • Always have an Internet connection (WiFi or 3G, 4G).

Step 5: Move to play game. Based on this information and the online map system, the game scans and generates a simulated display like the one below. Overview of the game as well as the rules of the game, does not repeat again, you can review in the article What is Pokémon GO? for more clarity.

But in short, Pokémon GO is an interactive virtual game, meaning that we don’t have to sit in one place to enjoy, clear the game, but will have to constantly move to different locations. And while we are traveling outside of the Real World, the characters in the game will move in the same direction.

One more point, also quite inconvenient but if not Pokémon GO Plus, the sincere advice is that you should “one eye” in the game, and “one eye” to observe the way, around yourself to avoid accident or bad guy … jerking the phone.

If Pokémon appear on the phone screen, touch them to begin the capture. Interestingly enough, this game also gives us two options with Pokémon capture. If you choose:

  • Camera on: Pokemon will appear right in front of your eyes. On the desk, the bed, the wardrobe, the tree branches, or the lawn … and even the toilet or the police station.
  • Do not use the camera: Simple game play will be a game setting.
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Visibility of Pokémon in the Real World and in the game

Instructions on how to catch Pokemon in Pokesmon GO

According to “standard” … cartoon, there are about 722 species of Pokémon, divided into 5 Genes with 18 different systems (each system has its own fighting style, skills). But the Pokémon GO game system currently only has about 150 “kids” and most of them are Gen I (First Generation Pokémon).

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However, this amount is more than enough for an initial experience. Want to catch Pokémon? It’s too easy, if you see them, just touch it, throw the Pokéball at it. Easy to do, but not that simple.

Can you see the green circle inside this Charmander? It is the level icon, the green color is easiest (it also means its stats will be lower than the others).

  • Touch the Pokéball on the screen, swipe towards the Pokémon to throw the Pokéball away.
  • Try to throw with precise force (getting into the circle the better, because you will gain more experience points).
  • When successfully captured, the game will notify you.

Successfully captured Pokémon Charmander

When you have captured any Pokémon, you will receive Stardust and Candy.

  • Stardust: Used to increase the strength of the Pokémon.
  • Candy: Can be used for the evolution of that Pokémon.

In addition, we can also see details about our Pokémon such as:

  • Name (can be changed if you click on the pencil icon next to it).
  • CP – Combat Power: Combat index.
  • HP – Health Point: Blood.
  • Type – Us: This Charmander belongs to the Fire – Fire type.
  • Height Weight.
  • Prerequisites for power upgrades – Power Up (200 Stardust + 1 Candy) or evolution – Evolve (25 Candy).
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Name the Pokémon then we can also name our character. Of course it is impossible to use special characters, Pokémon GO only supports Character names with letters and numbers never mind.

After catching Pokémon, you should continue to move because each area, each different geographic area will have specific Pokémon of that area, collect them to enrich the number of “Poké-pet” of me.

At the main interface of the game, you can manipulate the screen to change the viewing angle.

Or touch Pokéball icons (red – white ball) to see more features.

Other features in the game Pokémon GO

1 – Pokedex: It can be roughly understood as Pokémon Points. In this will have the Pokémon that you caught to use them later. In fact, this is a handheld device with names, features and complete information about all Pokémon in the World.

2 – Shop: Where you can buy items to aid in gaming such as lucky eggs (Lucky Eggs), Pokéballs, tools to attract Pokémon (Incense) or expand the space contained in the backpack.

3 – Pokémon: The collected Pokémon with information about them.

4 – Items (Backpack icon): A place for you to store items in the game.

List of items in the Shop

Just touch any item in Items to be used. Also, if touching the section character avatar play, we can also see detailed information about his character.

Use Items for better game play

Above is the basic gameplay and how to be able to capture a Pokémon in the game Pokémon GO. In the following articles, will introduce you to ways to increase your power and become Master Pokémon GO, as well as training Pokémon and helping them evolve to higher levels.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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