Top best weapons to play Clash Squad in Free Fire

Match ranking Clash Squad is one of the most popular game modes in Free Fire. To quickly win the Clash Squad of Free Fire, you should use the weapons below.

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In Clash Squad mode of Free Fire, 2 teams of 4 members will battle with each other in 7 matches to find the winner. Clash Squad brings traditional shooting gameplay into Free Fire. The difference here is that there are no loot items on the map. Players must purchase weapons and support equipment in the store by themselves. Let explore the best guns that players should choice to use when playing Clash Squad in Free Fire Please!

Top best weapons to play Clash Squad in Free Fire

1 – AN94

The cheapest AR gun in Clash Squad mode – you can get the AN94 for as little as $ 1200.

Gun Free Fire AN94

The AN94 is an AR gun with slightly higher balance and recoil stats than average. Not the best choice for long-range combat, but it can still outperform most mid-range SMGs. Average damage per shot of AN94 is quite high, only one point behind AK. If you want to save money on something else, it’s best to stick with the AN94 for a while.

2 – MP5

Gun Free Fire MP5

Clash Squad in Free Fire has a lot of battles from close to mid range. Therefore, the MP5 is probably the most economical option. It’s the cheapest SMG for $ 130 – it offers great damage, has a high rate of fire and a quick reload. You can participate in continuous combat using this FF gun. Of course, the MP5’s weakness is its range, so don’t try to snipe with it.

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3 – Thompson

Guns Free Fire Thompson

Another cheap alternative to the MP5 – Thompson has a slightly higher output but is harder to handle than the MP5, as it has a lower field of view. The most prominent advantage of this Free Fire gun is cheap, you only need 1,400 USD to get this weapon.

4 – M500

The M500 has a long range, great damage and a super cheap price of 400 USD. However, its downsides are quite serious – the gun has a high recoil and the magazine has only 5 rounds. This gun can act as an effective secondary weapon for long-range attacks if you plan to go out with something like the MP5.

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