TOP basic Minecraft commands for new game players

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Minecraft – an unimpressive game from the name, graphics, and game content is nothing special, unique, but always makes it attractive to many gamers. Perhaps it is because of the rich and varied gameplay, because the squares look rough when combined to create extremely interesting and unique things. In addition to the new style of play, players are not confined to any unique framework or gameplay to experience.

For new players, the most difficult problem is probably the internal command system Minecraft game. Because it is a simulation game in the Open World, with many different maps, the command system of Minecraft is also quite a lot and varied.

Commands in Minecraft for beginners

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1. Basic commands about players in Minecraft

  • /resident – Display your own information on the screen.
  • /resident friend remove+ <tên người chơi> – Eliminate offline players from your friends list.
  • /resident friend clearlist – Remove all players from your friends list.
  • /resident friend add <tên người chơi> – Add players who are online to your friends list.
  • /resident friend remove <tên người chơi> – Remove online players from your friends list.
  • /resident <tên người chơi> – Display information of other players on the screen.
  • /resident friend add+ <tên người chơi> – Add offline players to your friends list.

2. Commands interactively in Minecraft game

  • /resident toggle spy – Admin can turn on spy channel chat.
  • /resident toggle map – turn on the map when moving over plot boundaries.
  • /resident toggle reset – turn off all active modes (above).
  • /resident toggle plotborder – Command to show plot boundary when you move over it.

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3. Synthesize commands about Town in Minecraft

Town in Minecraft is a wild land, after being acquired by any owner, that land will be established into an organization, a private town with activities, construction, community. and survival. Town commands in the game include:

A – Basic Towny Commands:

  • /town withdraw – Withdraw money from town bank).
  • /town – Show towny information you are participating.
  • /town unclaim – Selling town land.
  • /town help – Show commands you can use in towny.
  • /town leave – Leave the current town.
  • /town join <têntown> – Please join someone else’s town.
  • /town claim – Buy land for town.
  • /towny add <Tên> – Add someone to your towny.
  • /town deposit – Transfer money to town bank.
  • /town new <tên town> – Create a new town.

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B- Expanded Towny Commands

  • /town unclaim all – Sell all Town land.
  • /town online – Show players who are online in Towny.
  • /town rank add/remove <tên_người_chơi> <tên_hạng> – Add or remove ranks of existing players in Town.
  • /spawn <tên_town> – Teleport to another Towny.
  • /town here – Show Towny information you are standing.
  • /town outpost – Set outpost location for Town.
  • /town new <tên town> <tên chủ town> – Create a new Town with a set of 1 people who own Town.
  • /town spawn – Teleport to your Towny.
  • /town add <tên> assistant – Choose someone to be your deputy town.
  • /town board <message> – Added notification when towny manager is online.
  • /town homeblock – Set up a place to spawn about Towny.
  • /town delete <tên town> – Delete the current Town.
  • /town ranklist – View player ranks in Town.
  • /town perm – View Town policies.
  • /town list – Show a list of all Towny in the server.

4. Towny management command in the game Minecraft

A – Basic Towny Commands:

  • /town set taxes <số_tiền> – Set taxes on Town.
  • /town set spawn – Set spawn location for Town.
  • /town set name <tên mới> – Change your Town name.
  • /town set perm – Setting policies for Town.
  • /town set mayor <tên_người_chơi> – Transfer of mayor to someone else.
  • /townchat – Switch to Town chat mode.

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B – Towny command extended, advanced settings:

  • /town toggle open – Allows opening the door for mem join comfortably or closed.
  • /town toggle explosion – Allow or not allow explosions in Town.
  • /town toggle pvp – Allow or disallow PVP (fight) in Town.
  • /town toggle taxpercent – Tax rules according to percentage or specific number.
  • /town toggle public – Allow or disallow others to spawn to your Town.
  • /town toggle fire – Allow or disallow fire to burn in Town.
  • /town toggle mobs – Allow or disallow mobs (monsters) spawning in Town.

C – Order create rules in Town

  • /t set perm build on/off – Turn on / off building mode in Town.
  • /t set perm destroy on/off – Turn on / off block breaking mode in Town.
  • /t set perm switch on/off – Turn on / off switch in Town.
  • /t set perm itemuse on/off – Turn on / off the right to use item with anyone in Town.
  • /t set perm {resident/ally/outsider} {build/destroy/switch/itemuse} {on/off}: Enable / disable build / block / switch / use for residents / allies / outsiders.

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5. Sample order Plot in the game Minecraft

  • /plot – Display commands about Plot.
  • /plot claim – Order for members in Town to buy land the owner of Town is selling.
  • /plot perm – Show the border of the plot that the player is standing on.
  • /plot notforsale – An order for the Town owner to cancel the ownership of a previously sold land/ plot set shop – Set a plot to shop.
  • /plot forsale <giá> – An order for the Town owner to determine the selling price of a land plot located in the Town.
  • /plot unclaim – An order for a member to cancel the ownership of the land purchased from the Town owner.
  • /plot set arena – Place a plot as the arena.
  • /plot set embassy – Place a plot as an embassy.
  • /plot set name – Allow the mayor or plot owner to rename the plot they own (individual plot owners will display both the owners and plots’ names).
  • /plot toggle clear – Command to remove the list of plot IDs of the plot, used by the mayor who owns the town or by the plot owner in their own plot.
  • /plot set reset – Reset your plot to its original shape.
  • /plot set perm {on/off} – Adjust the boundary curve of each plot where the player is standing.
  • /plot toggle fire – Allow or not allow fire to fire in the plot.
  • /plot toggle pvp – Allow or disallow PVP in plot.
  • /plot toggle explosion – Allow or not allow explosion in plot.
  • /plot toggle mob – Allow or not allow mobs to be spawned in plot.

6. Country Commands in Minecraft game

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When a group of Towny is linked together, it forms a Country. Each State has a leader, called the King. Country commands in the game Minecraft magic blocks include:

  • /nation new <tên quốc gia> <tên thủ đô> – Create a new Country, set the Capital.
  • /nation set name <tên quốc gia> – named the Country.
  • /nation – display of player’s Country information.
  • /nation list – List of Countries.
  • /nation remove <tên quốc gia> – Remove a Country from the ally list.
  • /nation enemy add <tên quốc gia> – Add 1 Country as an enemy.
  • /nation online – Show players who are online in your Country.
  • /nation <tên quốc gia> – Display information of other Countries.
  • /nation leave – leave the Country you are in (use mayor).
  • /nation set king <tên người chơi> – The king ordered to change the throne for someone else.
  • /nation set captial <tên town> – Set the capital of the kingdom.
  • /nation set taxes <số tiền> – The king sets taxes for the whole nation.
  • /nation deposit <số tiền> – Order to deposit money into your Country.
  • /nation withdraw <số tiền> – Withdrawal Order from Your Country.
  • /nation new <tên quốc gia> – Order to create a new Country (may be used by the mayor).
  • /nation rank – Order to set supporters (deputy) / individual titles of the Country.
  • /nation add <tên town> – Invite 1 town to your Country.
  • /nation kick <tên town> – Removed 1 town from your Country.
  • /nation delete <tên quốc gia> – Delete Your Country.
  • /nation ally – An ally of the nation.
  • /nation add <tên quốc gia> – Add a Country as an ally.
  • /nation enemy remove <tên quốc gia> – Removes a Country from the list of enemies.
  • /nation rank add <tên người chơi> <tên danh hiệu> – Grant trophies to one player.
  • /nation rank remove <tên người chơi> <tên danh hiệu> – Abolish title of a player.

7. Order select target

Commands in Minecraft PE

Targets select commands @p actually has more power than you might think. For example, if you want to target all entities, use @e. However, if your target is just zombies – zombies, use:


Note the following quotes “@E”: Inside these quotes are the target select argument. You can see this complete list of arguments on the Minecraft Wiki page: The “type” argument selects only entities of a certain type. Specifically here is Zombie. If you want to target all the zombies in the 10 blocks of the block, you will use:


Inside, r is the radius argument. You can also target by location, name, team, score, and other factors.

The above article has just synthesized the most basic commands of the game Minecraft For those who have a passion for this game built with these magical blocks. Hopefully with this article, you will find Minecraft more interesting and attractive.

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