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Face masking apps on photos or photo editing apps on phones like PicsArt or LINE Camera … are no longer strange to many users today, thanks to these tools you can completely cover up portraits. yourself or someone in the photo effectively but still natural and beautiful.

Sometimes you Take a nice picture or a meaningful moment and want to share immediately to friends or relatives. However, when you look closely, you feel that there are many unsatisfied points because of the faces that are accidentally included in the photo.

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At this point, you will need a photo editing tool to remove these hateful faces while still keeping the aesthetics. Here, Taimienphi will introduce to you the Top 5 beautiful and effective face masking apps on iOS and Android phones.

Top 5 Face Masking Apps for Android and iOS

1. PicsArt.

If you are a person who often takes or edits photos, then you are no stranger to the PicsArt application. The application possesses a full range of powerful tools, allowing you to edit, remove defects, redundant objects in photos, … Besides, PicsArt also provides more than 5 million other sticker templates. together for you to attach to the picture to decorate or easily cover the face when needed.

top apps to cover the internet

Currently, the PicsArt photo masking app has 2 versions that work on Android and iOS phones. Users can download and use it for free through the link shared below.

– Download PicsArt for iPhone
– Download PicsArt for Android

2. Snapseeds.

Snapseed is also a familiar name in the Top list face mask app on photo Easiest to use today. This tool is developed by Google, so you can be assured of the quality and powerful processing capabilities that it brings.

top app to cover the internet on the internet 3

Application Snapseed Equipped with accurate face detection, and more than 29 different tools to help you correct and hide unwanted details in photos accurately and beautifully.

– Download Snapseed for iPhone
– Download Snapseed for Android

3. Skitch.

Similar to the face masking apps that we have just introduced, Skitch is also a prominent name, receiving many good reviews from users. The application is equipped with a variety of professional and diverse editing tools. It will not be difficult for you to “disappear” faces or personal information or details quickly and beautifully.

top app to cover up on the internet 4

The application has a simple design interface and quick capture feature. You can completely take a random photo, cover your face, mark it, add emoticons and share it with your friends quickly via social networks, email, …

– Download Skitch for iPhone

4. LINE Camera.

Mentioned LINE Camera, users often immediately think of a stylish and fashionable photo editing tool. However, many people forget that this is also a fast and extremely effective face masking app.

Top app to cover the internet on the internet 5

LINE Camera has a huge sticker library so there are more than 5000 different templates for you to choose from a variety of themes. Every week, artists LINE Camera still constantly releasing new sticker templates inspired by cartoon characters, celebrities,… to help you both easily cover your face and make your photo interesting.

– Download LINE Camera for iPhone
– Download LINE Camera for Android

5. Realistic Face Swap.

More than an App that covers the face on photos, Realistic Face Swap is a professional tool programmed to help cut or even paste one person’s face to another. Even the face parts cut by Realistic Face Swap still create a seamless feeling and have the same perfect emotion as when shooting normally.

top apps to cover up on the internet 6

Besides the usual face masking and face-swapping features, Realistic Face Swap also owns a stock of images of famous actors, so you can refer to and cut together to create interesting works in your free time. idle.

– Download Realistic Face Swap for iPhone
– Download Realistic Face Swap for Android
Through the article, Taimienphi accompanied you to learn about 5 face mask app on photo most effective and easy to use today. Hopefully, the editing apps introduced in the article will be an effective support tool to bring you the perfect photos, exactly as you want.

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