Review Yakuza 6 – Don’t forget this Japanese version of GTA because of God of War!

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Multi-series games have one thing in common with full-length movies, which is the obsession, expectation, and anxiety about a “worthy” ending that both producers and fans expect. Yakuza 6 is the final installment of such a series, a series that spanned 13 years, spanning 6 major releases, and regularly ranking among the top of the most popular games in Japan and the world. Fortunately, the producer succeeded in creating a beautiful ending with this game.


Despite the incident SEGA unlocked the whole game through the demo, Yakuza 6 still conquering the professional community and the gaming community. Right at the beginning is a rather long dialogue when Kazuma Kiryu is once again free after a few years of “disclosure”. This process not only sets a new context, but also helps gamers who have never played Yakuza can also get acquainted with the underground world of Kamurocho city.

Next, gamers are introduced to the city of Kamurocho, where the streets are filled with bars, karaoke, gambling and all kinds of video games. These virtual game shops own a lot of classic SEGA games such as Puyo Puyo nice Virtua Fighter 5, while karaoke bars can be played as music games. The details are very vivid, both contributing to increasing the experience time for gamers and creating an open world of the character.

Activities in the game focus a lot on Kazuma Kiryu’s “normal” life, such as putting an end to the fighting life with a quiet life. The Yakuza becomes a man who spends a lot of time running the cat cafe and taking care of his newborn grandson Haruto, creating the feeling of a game that simulates the daily life of a single father.



Kiryu plays with his nephew Haruto.​

In addition to the rich open world element, the antagonistic content in Yakuza 6 of course still exist, even more developed with the participation of Dragon Engine new. As a result, the transition becomes much more “smooth”, there is no loading screen when walking from the street to the shop or vice versa. The character’s punching and kicking movements become more realistic and have a more physical feel. Not only the main character, but also the supporting characters are increased in detail. More people moving in the background, giving a more realistic feel of a noisy city, and also more bodies.


The supporting characters are also meticulously designed

In contrast, the main character’s fighting style becomes more condensed. Many game sites share a common theme in terms of the minimalism of Kazuma Kiryu’s attacks. He almost just punched the opponent straight in the face instead of jubilantly punching like before. For some, this is a minus point, but believes this is a development that perfectly suits the character. After fighting for half a lifetime in the streets and in prisons, one must find a more effective and age-appropriate way of fighting.

General, Yakuza 6 is highly appreciated both in terms of content and quality of graphics and content. The final game poses a heart-warming combination. The gangster has grown up, considers everything on the street as meaningless, and focuses on the family that is his adopted daughter Haruka and grandson Haruto. A beautiful ending for the character but a great opening for the newly appeared Dragon Engine. Indeed, Yakuza 6 It’s the end but it’s also the beginning

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