Top 5 strongest Disney Sorcerers Arena characters

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In Disney Sorcerers Arena there are many strong characters, including protagonists and villains. So what are the strongest characters used by most people? In the article below, will introduce you to the Top 5 strongest Disney Sorcerers Arena characters.

Characters in Disney Sorcerers Arena, including both protagonists and villains with good attack power and defense. Here are the Top 5 strongest Disney Sorcerers Arena characters.

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The 5 strongest rated Disney Sorcerers Arena characters

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Top 5 strongest characters in Disney Sorcerers Arena

1. Shan Yu

Type: Villain.

Ability: Attack.

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In Disney Sorcerers Arena, Shan Yu is the most brutal and powerful general. When defeating an opponent, Shan Yu will be increased in strength and this is also the advantage of this villain. Shan Yu’s basic attack can deal 50% damage to the opponent. Also with special attacks the damage can be higher.

Owning Shan Yu: To own the character Shan Yu, players can trade on trading shops.

2. Hades

Type: Villain.

Ability: Attack.

The most competitive and fastest game in the disney sorcerers arena game

The villain, the most evil in the Disney world, is none other than Hades. This character is equipped with the Ignite Empowered mode, which is capable of dealing extra damage while performing a basic attack.

Hades’ special attack is considered “invulnerable”, making it impossible for opponents to dodge.

Possessing Hades:

Previously, Hades was an exclusive character, now players can own the character in the trading shop.

3. Mor’du

Type: Villain.

Ability: Defense.

Top 5 characters in disney sorcerers arena game

Mor’du is the only character on the list that has a defensive ability. In case if Mor’du’s strength is below 40%, this character will defeat the opponent in 2 turns.

In terms of damage, if using a special attack, Mor’du can deal up to 3000 damage (max), causing the opponent to be stunned (about 45%).

Possessing Mor’du:

Players can acquire Mor’du by trading in the shops.

4. Emperor Zurg

Type: Villain.

Ability: Attack.

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This villain is considered a “bomb”, which can explode at any time. Emperor Zurg has the ability to deal damage to opponents up to 25% in case if this character’s strength is low, with a special attack, the damage level is even greater. When the opponent is defeated, Emperor Zurg will gain strength.

Possessing Emperor Zurg: Unlike other characters, owning Emperor Zurg is not easy. This character is available in the VIP shop and must be purchased by the player using gems.

5. Big Bad Wolf

Type: Villain.

Ability: Attack.

the top 5 vat disney sorcerers arena players can

Big Bad Wolf is a villain with powerful attacks and high damage, whether with special or basic attacks.

Owning Big Bad Wolf: Players can own the Big Bad Wolf character from tournaments or buy with gems.
Above has just reviewed for you the Top 5 strongest Disney Sorcerers Arena characters. In addition, you can refer to Top Disney Games on Android multiplayer here.

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