The fastest way to level up and fight CRISIS S game

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CRISIS: S is a mobile MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) by EFUN. Players will participate in quests to level up as well as increase the combat power of the character. But how to level up and fight quickly and effectively in Crisis S? In the following article, will guide you how to level up and fight the CRISIS: S game the fastest.

EFUN which is famous for games like Mirage Memorial, Tales of Erin, and recently released a new MMORPG game for mobile. The following article will guide you How to level up and fight the game CRISIS:S the fastest.

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Guide to leveling up and fighting strength in Crisis:S fastest

To download the game CRISIS: S to your device and install it, visit here.

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The fastest way to level up and fight CRISIS: S game

The best option to level up in CRISIS:S is to pass events to increase EXP. Here is a list of game modes that you should play every day to level up quickly:

– Bounty: here you can get gold or EXP.
– EXP instances: the player’s task is to defeat the monster to get a large amount of EXP.
– Flying Escort: overcome challenges to get gold and EXP.
– Arena mode: fight with other players.
– Survival Drill mode: Battle with 20 players.
– Fair Competition: PvP battle 4V4.
– Guild Feast: quiz party.
– Guild Defenders: repel the enemy.
– Ancient God Treasure: kill monsters in fixed (limited) time.

the fastest way to raise the cap and play the crisis s game

Click the menu in the top corner, then click the Daily button to display all game modes. By participating in these game modes to receive EXP rewards.

1. Join a guild

In CRISIS: S, after reaching level 105, the player can create or join a clan. Ideally, you should join a clan to skip the search for active members. Basically joining guilds includes perks like getting daily rewards, participating in exclusive game modes.

2. Upgrade skills

Your character is equipped with 2 skills: active skills and passive skills. From the menu, you find and click the Skill button, where you can set and upgrade skills for your character.

3. Forge Gears in CRISIS: FEAR

The gold that you earn after completing quests and events can be used to power up gear and increase damage, defense or other attributes like HP, Sunder, … .

In addition, you can also get advanced gear through looting. Access the daily event menu =>World Boss => choose a World Boss level, the higher the level, the bigger the reward.

how to understand the problem and how to fight the crisis in the game crisis

4. Character Upgrade

On the main menu screen select Haste, here you can upgrade the stones to upgrade your character. To receive these stones, your task is to overcome challenges at events or perform some quests.

5. Wing Upgrades in CRISIS: WILL

Like gear, wings are also factors that affect character stats. You can upgrade your character’s wings using stones that can be found in treasures, lairs (such as World Boss) and events.
The above article has just shown you how to level up and fight CRISIS: S game fastest. In addition, if you have any questions or questions that need to be answered, such as how to receive Game Code Crisis WILL where?, readers can leave their comments in the comment section below the article.

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