Top 5 strongest Apex Legends characters

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Our list of the Top 5 strongest Apex Legends characters is based on each character’s skill value and objective usefulness and effectiveness. Let’s find out how the heroes were shortlisted.

Some abilities are valid throughout Apex Legends, others are only excellent in specific situations, and a few are completely supportive or work very unusually, but each character has a direction. Tactics, different usage.

Top 5 fastest vat apex legends

Top 5 strongest Apex Legends characters

1. Bloodhound
In our opinion, Bloodhound has the best skill set in the game because they counter certain abilities and enhance the player’s effectiveness when it comes to character selection. Many players consider Tracker to be a weak passive skill. Maybe it’s not the best, but still gives you information about enemies taking place in a certain location. If you see a hint that an enemy is nearby, consider alerting your team and using your tactical abilities to deal with them. Depending on the situation, this skill can save the team from an ambush. Eye of the Allfather and Eye of the Allfather are skill sets that work well against Bangalore and Caustic, providing plenty of advantage in battle.

Top 5 fastest vat apex legends 2

2. Wraith
Wraith is a highly skilled character, but her tactical abilities alone are enough to make the difference between life and death. You’ll need a lot of practice to master her, and the right team to get the most out of her skills. Wraith players must be creative and find the best way to harness the Dimensional Rift skill, but also need a team that can coordinate, deploying any advanced method of attack.

Top 5 fastest vat apex legends 3

3. Bangalore
Bangalore is a versatile legend who has a survivability boost that saves an entire team’s life with a puff of smoke when deployed well. We consider her both a pusher and a defensiv, if you get hit Double Time will increase your movement speed for a few seconds. Combining smoke with her passive ability, Bangalore can move quickly and relatively safely in teamfights. Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder is a powerful skill that covers an entire area.

Top 5 fastest vat apex legends 4

4. Lifeline
Lifeline is a defensive character (this is her only specialty) that can be placed in any squad and no one will complain about your pick. Combat Medic provides a faster respawn time and an invincible shield when resurrecting dead teammates.

Top 5 fastest vat apex legends 5

5. Octane
Octane is an agile, aggressive hero and super fun to play if you love mobility. We believe he’s less of a pick in team play (which is an important aspect to consider in a 3vs3 game like Apex Legends) but he’s a hero with good solo abilities in the current meta. Octane’s Launch Pad can be used to reach certain locations – an escape mechanism or enter a fight boldly.

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Above are the Top 5 heroes, the strongest Apex Legends character chosen by many players until now, to be able to win you need to choose a reasonable character, suitable for your squad, Apex Legends winning character tips Guided by us in previous articles, you can visit Taimienphi’s official website for reference, wish you a happy game.

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