Top 5 loot points in Sanhok PUBG Mobile

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Among the maps of PUBG Mobile, Sanhok is the place with the smallest map area and this is also the place of fiercest fighting of all maps. Due to the small island radius and the same number of players in a match, the loot strategy in Sanhok also becomes much more difficult.

Although Erangel is considered as the most popular map in PUBG Mobile, Sanhok is also preferred by players because of its amazing design, tall grass and big rocks that make matches more interesting. Today in this post, Taimienphi will talk about Sanhok loot hotspots, which give you firepower to start a good match.

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Best loot spot in Sanhok

Boot Camp & Paradise Resort

Located in the center of the Sanhok map, Bootcamp and Paradise Resort are the hottest locations, be it for picking up items or fighting. If the plane goes somewhere near Bootcamp, that’s where most of the gunmen jump off. Players will have to compete a lot to survive in these two places, but the looters here are too many and you will have to destroy them all when facing them in the match. The door to bootcamp is more exciting than ever. If you’re one of the first to land in any of these two locations, make sure to land as close to the gun as possible. Otherwise, you will face death when others also intend to fall into these 2 key positions.

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Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Camp Charlie

Three military positions located in the three corners of the Sanhok map are also where players can pick up a lot of items. Because these 3 locations are too far away, they are visited by very few people. But, all of these locations are very rich, many high-level items that gamers can loot. You can find a lot of guns, accessories, ammo and all other necessary equipment. When the plane passes near or passes over any military camp, it becomes a battlefield.

5 diem loot from pubg mobile 3

Other loot points

There are many points to loot boats, pick up other items that you can visit. If you want to avoid our Sanhok PUBG Mobile top 5 loot spots, you can always head to some of the less popular areas to get some easy loot, consider areas like Quarry and Ruins in cases like these. However, the loot here may not be as much as what we mentioned above but gives you a more secure feeling.
Above are the Top 5 top loot locations on the Sanhok PUBG Mobile map that we want to tell you, in addition to those locations you can also go to places like Quarry and Ruins. Looting in the early stages is extremely important, be very careful. Also you can refer to the strategy PUBG Mobile Bridge Camp In our game, this method is used by many people in hunting, making the game more interesting than ever.

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