How to get unlimited EXP in Minecraft

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Farm EXP in Minecraft is something that players sooner or later need to do because killing random mobs and exploiting is not enough to level 30. Here is the most effective way to earn unlimited EXP in Minecraft that you want to use.

With role-playing games, fast leveling is what players are most interested in. Minecraft no exceptions. Earning EXP (Experience Points) Not only helps the character level up, but also unlocks many other special features, ensuring an easy journey to explore the cube world without dying.

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Tips to play Minecraft earn unlimited XP

Top 3 places to earn unlimited EXP in Minecraft

3. Classic mob tower
Since its launch, classic mob towers have been present in the game as an easy and simple element to build. The majority of mob towers have similarities in construction style, although one of them has its own collection system. In fact, these towers are capable of spawning zombies, skeletons, and vines. They are ubiquitous, which is a big plus that not other farms don’t have this feature.

Get unlimited experience in minecraft

2. XP bank of Avomance
One of the best XP sources in Minecraft are the banks created by Avomance. They’ve been here for a while and are extremely customizable. Furthermore, these farms can be combined with a bamboo farm and cacti to generate an infinite amount of XP. With the automated system, the farm can reach 100% efficiency, and run continuously.

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1. Mine Nether Quartz
While there is obviously a bit of a risk since you’ll have to go into Nether, Mine Nether Quartz is also one of the best sources of EXP in Minecraft. If you’re brave, this method is one of the fastest ways to get as many XOs as you want.

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Once you are on Nether, search for blocks as shown above. That is Nether Quartz which will bring a lot of EXP if mined. Furthermore, there is quite a bit to be discovered, so make the most of it as possible. Remember to stay safe. Mark your way as you run around the Nether as it will be easy to get lost.
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