Top 5 open world PC games or without graphics card

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If you are looking for open world PC games or do not need a graphics card to experience on your low-end computer, you definitely cannot ignore the Top 5 games that will introduce below.

Most titles world game Open both require high graphics quality and consume a lot of computer resources to operate smoothly. However, owning a low-end PC or no graphics card, there are still many interesting open-world RPG titles for you.

Top PC games in the world

List of the best open world games for PC

Top 5 open world PC games or without graphics card

1. Fallout: New Vegas

Topping the list of Top 5 open-world PC games or without a graphics card is Fallout New Vegas, which only takes up less than 10GB of space. Set in a world after a nuclear disaster, players will be immersed in a character named Courier and begin a tense revenge journey in the Nevada desert.

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The best part of Fallout New Vegas is probably the engaging plot and the way the setting is extremely interesting. With the right to choose the gang system and the story that is led in the game, each decision the player makes during the mission will greatly affect the character’s destiny.

To experience Fallout New Vegas you can download it here:

=> Download link Fallout New Vegas

2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Of all the games that game maker Bethesda has ever released, perhaps Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the most impressive. The plot in the game revolves around the character Dragonborn with the task of defeating the Dragon Alduin to save the world.

The game is set in Skyrim, the northernmost region in the world of Tamriel, which is inspired by the beautiful Nordic land. In addition, another plus point of this open-world PC game or without a graphics card is that it is designed with a lot of scenes and tasks for players.

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The open world here is extremely large, with a lot of mysterious lands for you to gradually discover as you go on quests. Like the older version of The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim also allows the player to go wherever and whenever they like, meaning they can completely “ignore” the main storyline in the game and Free to explore other interesting things.

The role-playing system in Skyrim is built quite carefully, with 10 battles and 18 skills for players to choose from. The battles in this game are built around the use of weapons and sorcery, and the player’s skills will also be upgraded depending on the level of use.

Join the game Elder Scrolls V you can download here:

=> Download link Elder Scrolls DRAW

3. Dark Souls

Dark Souls is a very popular game in the past decade because of its “unacceptable” difficulty. Not to mention the game does not provide instructions, players are only provided with one weapon and then have to fight non-stop in fierce battles.

The combat system in the game is probably the most outstanding feature of the open-world PC game without a graphics card, because every attack takes place with fast and strong intensity. Players need to learn how to use weapons, see every move of the enemy and attack accurately to be able to win the match.

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In addition, the image in Dark Souls is also carefully designed with every land in the game having a certain connection with each other. With PvP and Co-op modes, players can choose to become villains (red souls) to invade other lands, or join the main side (white souls) to help them fight monsters. object.

To experience Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition you can download it here:

=> Download Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition

4. Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is an action role-playing game set in Hong Kong, quite similar to other GTA (street robbers) games. The story in Sleeping Dogs revolves around Wei Shen, an undercover police agent who is infiltrating a place called the Sun on Yee Triad.

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The game focuses on Shen’s fighting and shooting abilities, with melee combat as fierce as Batman: Arkham Asylum. Players can fight opponents from any direction with actions such as attack, grappling, and movement. There are 3 types of experience points (XP) in the game, including Triad, Face and Police XP. Each type has a different function, and the higher the XP score, the more new features and skills the player will be able to unlock, such as driving a vehicle or disarming an opponent.

To experience Sleeping Dogs you can download here:

=> Download link Sleeping Dogs

5. Borderlands

Borderlands is a shooting game in the ARPG / FPS genre with a fanciful Western setting. Players will be transformed into 1 of 4 hunters with the task of finding a treasure called Vault and exploring the world of Pandora. With the same loot mechanism as Diablo, players can find a lot of different weapons scattered across the Borderlands. Among them, Orange is the most powerful weapon.

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Although the plot is quite simple, the character system in Borderlands is built quite meticulously with 4 hunters, each hunter has a different skill system and unique abilities. Completing dance missions will help players receive bonuses and experience points, thereby upgrading existing skills. With the co-op combat mechanism, players will combine with 3 other people to fight and complete the assigned challenge.

Borderlands is also the last open world PC game without a graphics card that introduces to you.

To play Borderlands you can download it here:

=> Download link Borderlands 3
=> Download link Borderlands 2
Hope with Top 5 open world game extremely attractive without needing graphics card or spend too much computer resources that just introduced above will bring you moments of interesting entertainment.

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