Connectify – Fix “Failed to configure private interface” or “Unhandled Exception” error

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Install Connectify to turn your computer into a WiFi transmitter. But for various reasons when starting Connectify, the error message “Failed to configure private interface” or “Unhandled Exception” appears. will guide you how to fix this error.

Broadcasting Wifi with Connectify is probably not strange to everyone. However, there are still a lot of you who do not know and when the installation is complete, there are problems right from the start of the program, typically 2 error messages “Failed to configure private interface” or “Unhandled Exception”

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Fix “Failed to configure private interface” error

It is recommended that you download the latest version of Connectify to avoid these errors
There are many ways to help you fix this situation, you can follow one of the following tips:

Way 1: On the toolbar, click Tools -> Control Panel -> Network Connections.

Right click” Microsoft Virtual Miniport Adapter” and choose Properties.

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If your computer has installed KIS or any anti-virus software, you must disable this utility immediately by unchecking and clicking OKdisable and restart the computer.

Way 2: A fairly common problem with this error is Microsoft Virtual Miniport driver faulty. Check for this issue by:

Click Menu Start (left corner of the screen) –>Control Panel —> Device Manager (below Hardware and Sound).

Below “Netword Adapters” —>Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi Miniport Adapter (if your Wi-Fi adapter supports Access Point mode), if a yellow exclamation mark appears on the Adapter’s icon, it means that the Windows Driver has failed.

Fix this error by double clicking on Device Manager —>Properties –> Driver—> Disablewait for Windows to disable the device, then click Enable to re-enable the Adapter, now the exclamation point has disappeared and Connectify Hotspot is back to normal.

Or you can download the latest version of Connectify

In addition, you can refer to Fix Error Starting Hotspot .If the problem persists, you can Email Connectify manufacturer’s support team for more details and get the fix as soon as possible.

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