Top 5 most powerful equipment CCP season 4

top 5 trang bi manh nhat dtcl mua 4 640 - Emergenceingame

Season 4’s Pope Francis started, But surely many players still wonder or ask themselves a question that is “What equipment is the strongest in the CCP season 4”. Today, EmergenceInGame will introduce to you the top 5 most powerful items in the CCP “you can only equip and win”.

Top 5 trang bi manh nhat dtcl mua 4 - Emergenceingame

1. Animal Statue of Thach Giap


  • Keepers are admitted 12 Armor and 12 Magic Resist for each enemy aiming at them.

Stone Statue of Animal

As a new item to appear, it gives a card with a great deal of armor and magic resistance. With intrinsic Plus 12 armor and magic resist For each enemy champion targeted, there are a few champions that are almost immortal when possessing it. For example Tahm Kench, His passive has the ability to reduce damage in all sources and when possessing himself Stone Statue of AnimalBelieve me! He will be immortalized against any killer or marksman.

Suitable generals:

  • Sejuani, Hecarim, Tahm Kench, Sett, Lee Sin, …

2. Infinity Sword


  • Plus 75% critical hit
  • Every% in excess of 100% will be converted into critical damage (In case of crit items added)

Search infinity

For assassins as well as marksman, having yourself an infinity sword is always necessary. With yourself a tree Search infinity, almost assassins will have the ability to inflict huge damage in the early game. For example Talon, famous people of the tribe Enlighten is almost Search infinity will be the subjugation equipment for him. Some marksmen also love to give themselves an Infinity Sword like Jhin or Vayne.

Suitable generals:

  • Talon, Jhin, Vayne, Yasuo, Zed, …

3. Bao Thach Gloves


  • Owner’s skills can cause a critical blow. Increases critical attack damage by 50%.

Gemstone gloves season 4

If you’ve played through the Mage deck, you probably noticed that Bao Thach Gloves resonates very loud with Ahri. It gives her a bridge that divides the world. Dominate the arena and look at your opponent with half an eye. So can see Bao Thach Gloves how powerful. Then came the big brother Sett Almighty, when he breaks the neck of an opponent that is combined with this equipment will create a strong area of ​​damage like a big bang blast crashing the screen. Please consider Bao Thach Gloves Hey guys, and it’s S-rank equipment.

Suitable generals:

  • Ahri, Yone, Sett, Akali, Talon, Riven, …

4. Green Charm


  • Restores 20 mana each time a skill is used.

The Green Charm season 4 - Destiny

The bull heads’ skill spam speed also appears in season 4, whichever Akali, Riven, Ahri, great Yone are all big guys this season. There’s nothing to wonder, thanks to the low mana bar a few champions give me up Green Charm will be able to use the skill at a dizzying rate.

Suitable generals:

  • Ahri, Yone, Sett, Akali, Talon, Riven, …

5. Angel Armor


  • Revive after death with 400 Health and removes all adverse effects.

Angel armor DTCL season 4

Definitely indispensable Angel Armor already. The top 5 items without this item would be a huge shortcoming. Item Angel Armor is a very uncomfortable piece of equipment, but worn on big hands is even more uncomfortable. It helps the main forces not to be shocked to die instantly and is also the thing that teases the assassins’ hometown. If your best friend plays Assassin, do not hesitate to get on one Angel Armor or more Angel Armor to please your friend.

Suitable generals:

  • All cards but best suited for weak generals such as marksmen or mages.

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