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Adding to its collection, VTC Game officially released Mobile Magic Squad on mobile platforms on October 15 here. Along with that, NPH gives readers and gamers Code of Magic Squad, a spiritual gift including many attractive equipment.

SoulMagicOnline is there another name? Mobile Magic Squad is an attractive hack-and-slash action role-playing game, the product inherits many traditional features such as level training, hunting, boss fighting, free Pk .. from the MMORPG game, Magic Squad will bring experience very attractive to you.

The code knows that it is allowed to fail

Action role-playing game on mobile

How to get the Magic Squad Code

Code 1: GANZ18ZN6UQM
Code 4: D3ZYV5HZF2PI

To receive the Magic Squad Code, gamers need to participate in activities, events or Events held on the Fanpage forum. Activities included.

Event 1: Share immediately to receive Code of Magic Squad
+ Reward: Super huge Giftcode.
+ Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Race the top fans to catch the rain with special offers
+ Rewards: 50k Vcoin card, 100k Vcoin card and hundreds of Magic Squad Giftcode products.
+ Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Super hero war
+ Reward: Receive GiftCode of Magic Squad from strange and familiar guests
+ Link to join: Event 3

Event 4: Searching for the Magic Squad
+ Reward: 20 Giftcode 100K for 20 luckiest friends
+ Link to join: Event 4

In addition, you can also access the game’s official Fanpage and Group community, receive the Magic Squad Code with just a few simple steps.
– Join the Fanpage forum to receive the Magic Squad Code here.
– Join the Group community to receive the Magic Squad Code here.

Instructions for using the Magic Squad Code

Step 1: At the main interface of Magic Squad, you proceed to click on the icon level milestones in the upper left corner of the screen.

code to know if you can lose 2

Step 2: In the character info box, select the box Present purple.

code to know that you will lose 3

Step 3: Enter the Magic Squad Code you received in the gift box as shown below and click confirm, the reward will automatically fly into the character’s inventory.

code to know that you will lose 4

So, you and Taimienphi have just come together to learn about the Magic Squad Code, each giftcode has a different reward value, so please join the event and receive as many gifts as possible.

Also released on the same day, Mong Chinh Do is an attractive leveling game on PC, if interested gamers can get Code Mong Chinh Do here. Happy new day readers.

Link download game Magic Squad

Currently, the Magic Squad is officially available on the Google Play and App Store system, gamers can download and experience it today.

– Link to download Android version: Magic Squad for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Magic Squad for iPhone
Also the image of a character in love, the game Adorable Home is currently becoming a trend of young people when there are many downloads of this cat simulation game, you can get many Adorable Home Code from the developer to have a better game experience opening.

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