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How to use icons in Free Fire to replace the player’s words to send to teammates and enemies in the game. In Free Fire, players have a lot of Emotes, emoticons, but what is the biggest emoticon in Free Fire? The following article will reveal to you that.

Emote or emoticon is quite innovative system in Free Fire, allowing you to show off your character in different poses, tease opponents or interact with friends. However, not all emoticons are created equal when some Free Fire emotes are better than others and these are the top 5 emojis worth using in Free Fire.

Expression of orange in free fire or most commonly used

Emoticons in Free Fire are often used

Top 5 emojis in Free Fire

1. FFWC Throne

Expressions in free fire

This is probably a top emoji that is unmatched in Free Fire – the FFWC Throne will summon a throne that the player can sit on in a challenging pose. The throne looks cool, with gold gun decorations on both sides.

2. Bring it on

Top symbols and symbols in free fire

The reason people love this particular emoji is that it has the meaning of “mockery”. And in online games, players often make fun of other players during the match.

Besides, for more icons, beautiful action from the publisher, you can get it through Code game Free Fire.

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3. Tea Time

Expressions in free fire

One of the more popular emotes in Free Fire is Tea Time. This emote will summon a table made of light for your character to sit and drink and enjoy a cup of tea.

4. Eat my dust

icon action in free fire beautiful

Emoticons call objects the best. Equipped with the emote Eat my Dust, your character will summon a golden wagon and sit on the cap while swinging smugly and positively.

5. Shake it up

Top 5 symbols of free fire are used by many people

You can get this emote for free during the Top-up event a few months ago after loading 500 gems. The coolest thing about the Shake it up emoji is that it lasts for a while and then your character will perform some pretty weird dance moves.

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Above are some of the most popular emojis in Free Fire. Players can use these icons in two main game modes in Free Fire, Battle Royale and Clash Squad.
In addition, on October 24, the Booyah event will also be welcomed in Free Fire. For more information about this event, please follow our article below.

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