Top 4 strongest Apex Legends weapons

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Strategy game Apex Legends is one of the most tactical survival games available today, each character has skills that play an important role in the squad and the use of weapons and equipment is also important. least.

Here is the list Top 4 strongest Apex Legends weapons that Taimienphi compiled for readers, all information about the weapons in Apex Legends that you should know before using, they are all weapons with high damage and stability.

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Top 4 strongest Apex Legends weapons currently

1. Mastiff
In the first place in the ranking is the Shotgun Mastiff, which is a relatively high damage gun at close range with 144 damage to body and 288 to head. You can only see Mastiff in a few places because its rarity is quite high, Mastiff is often used in mid-range hunting, taking advantage of narrow corners and corridors to maximize their power. .

Top 4 when apex legends is the fastest 2

2. Kraber
Dubbed the deadly gun, the Kraber itself is a sniper rifle that can knock out an opponent with a single shot of their body parts, whether they are fully equipped with a helmet and a helmet or not. . Kraber that deals 125 unit damage to himself and 250 to his head will help you kill the enemy silently.

Top 4 when apex legends is the fastest 3

3. Wingman
The only pistol on the list that has a relatively high amount of damage when shot in the head, Wingman uses Heavy Ammo bullets and deals 90 damage when you shoot at the enemy’s head, the reload speed is quite fast and convenient to help. The Wingman makes our list of the Top 4 Most Powerful Apex Legends Weapons.

top 4 when apex legends is the fastest 4

4. Hemlock
Hemlok is one of the 3 guns with the highest damage and can fire 3 bullets in a single shot. Hemlok is often used at long distances because of its mobility, so it is not advisable to do a direct confrontation at close range with a relatively large, narrow gap.

Top 4 when apex legends is the fastest 5
Above is a list of Top 4 strongest Apex Legends weapons, most often used in the game. If you have any comments or suggestions about our list, please leave a comment in the comments section below. The use of guns also depends on the character, Top 5 strongest Apex Legends characters Our guide will show you the strengths and weaknesses of each of them, choosing the right one.

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