MineCraft codes, Minecraft PE command synthesis

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In the article below, Taimienphi.vn will synthesize a list of different MineCraft codes that are MineCraft commands that help players easily play and conquer the Minecraft game as effectively as the code that asks to teleport themselves to 1 person, refuses. request transfer…

MineCraft is a highly open, creative game, so it’s essential to use codes to support the game. How to play MineCraft is not too complicated as many people think, refer to how to play MineCraft on Taimienphi.vn for more details.

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MineCraft code, synthesize MineCraft PE commands on computers and laptops

Surely you also know the Game Codes are not really strange to those who play games, you probably remember the empire codes that help you change the resource index, or the Warcraft 3 codes with tons of money for religion. his army. Or recently, gamers often use cheats with GTA 5, in which GTA 5 codes also make the game a lot more interesting. Particularly with MineCraft, it can do much more.

If you are a fan of the MineCraft series, you probably know that recently, MineCraft has updated to the new version 1.10 with a lot of new features and attractive mobs. In addition, in this new version, there is a big change in MineCraft to upgrade 2 lands of ice and fire that will make players more interested. And right now Taimienphi.vn will summarize for you the MineCraft code, to help you play Minecraft better.

MineCraft Command Synthesis

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Basic Minecraft game cheat codes

/tpa: send a request to teleport yourself to 1 person

/tpahere: send a request to teleport 1 person to your location

/tpaccept: accept the transfer request

/tpadeny: deny teleport request

/spawn: return to spawn point

/back: return to teleport or dead location

/sethome: mark your current location as your home

/home: teleport to your home (sethome location)

/money: see your money

/pay: send money to 1 person

/balancetop: see top money

/gameruleskeepInventory true: die without losing items

/gamemode0: adjust survival mode

/gamemode 1: adjust creative mode

/gamemode 2: set adventure mode.

minecraft ghosts hop on minecraft

List of most popular cheat codes in Minecraft game

/f help [số trang] – Display the command section.

/f list [số trang] – Show list of factions

/f show [faction tag] – Show detailed information about a faction

/f map [on/off] – Show map

/f power [tên người chơi] – Displays the character’s energy.

/f join [tên faction] – Enter faction

/f leave – Exit faction

/f chat – Turn faction chat on and off

/f home – Returns to faction home

/f create[faction tag] – Create a new faction.

/f desc[ghi thông báo faction vào đây] – Change faction notice

/f tag [faction tag] – Change faction tag

/f open – Enable, disable if invitation is needed to enter faction

/f invite [Tên người chơi] – Invite someone to faction

/f deinvite [Tên người chơi] – Cancel the invitation to faction

/f sethome – Set faction home

/f claim – Take over where you are standing

/f autoclaim – Activates auto-occupation when you cross the land

/f unclaim, declaim – Unclaim where you are

/f owner [Tên người chơi] – Set/Remove ownership of a chunk (16×16) to a single player in faction

/f ownerlist – View list of chunk owners in faction

/f kick [tên người chơi] – Kick a player out of faction

/f officer [tên người chơi] – For one person to be the deputy faction

/f leader [tên người chơi] – For one person to own faction

/f noboom – Enable/disable explosion in faction

/f ally [ tên faction ] – Allied with other factions

/f neutral [tên faction] – Normal with other faction

/f enemy [tên faction] – Opponents with other factions

/f money balance – Display the amount in faction

/f money deposit – Contribute money to faction

/f money withdraw – Get money out faction

/f money ff – Transfer money from one faction to another

/f money fp – Transfer money from faction to player

/f money pf – Transfer money from player to faction

With the basic as well as popular MineCraft codes in this hope to help you learn more about the game as well as increase the actual experience of the game. However, do not use MineCraft code, otherwise it will be like GTA V when using GTA code too much will make the game boring very quickly. In addition, there is currently a very hot Naruto battle game, this is an online game genre with a theme about ninjas. If you want to play, you must register and to register for Naruto the Great War, please refer to Taimienphi.vn for more information.

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