Meat got 30 lives, Pro Fortnite swaggered and then got a bitter ending

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A “cool head” is always a prerequisite to winning in any sport, whether in real life sports or in the virtual world. That’s why no matter how great your skills are, no matter how fast you react but don’t know how to stay calm and become hostile, sooner or later you will receive bitter fruit.

And the case of Teeqzy – gamer Fortnite professionals from the French organization Millennium, is a prime example of that. No one can deny Teeqzy’s ability when he plays for a professional Team, as evidenced by a match where he won up to 30 Kills.


However, when there was only one life left to eat Top 1, Teeqzy suddenly came up with his own idea. There when this player saw the last enemy hiding in the house, the guy tried to set a trap and lock the “prey” inside.. For those of you who don’t know, for the Fortnite community, this is considered a game. one of the most famous ways of humiliating an opponent.


But nothing will happen if Teeqzy does not start activating Emote, giving his character a “comedy” right in front of the opponent’s nose while assuming the victim is already under his trap. But the truth is that Teeqzy has miscalculated and his enemies still have enough health to survive. Immediately he opened the door and discharged the entire magazine into Teeqzy’s body while this professional gamer was still standing and dancing. What a bitter ending..

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