Top 3 super strong Hyper Rolling Teamfight Tactics

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The Teamfight Tactics Season 2 officially opened the ranking mode with updates in the new version 9.23, in the past weeks of testing the Teamfight Tactics, Hyper Rolling Tactics is a very popular tactic. used by players, below are the top 3 squads trusted by players using Hyper Rolling tactics.

The version of the Tactics Arena season 2 is extremely appreciated with changes in race and system, when there are currently many squads added and a great balance is achieved. Hyper rolling strategy to get early 3-star pieces is a very popular strategy these days.

the top 3 hyper rolling images show the best results

Strong squads in the Arena of Truth when hyper roll.

Top 3 super strong Hyper Rolling Teamfight Tactics

1. Light

The Light squad is a formation used by many players for the Hyper Rolling strategy. The strength of the Light race relies on the fact that the whole squad will be buffed and heal every time an ally dies. And this opens the way for Vayne to be able to carry the team with a massive attack speed combined with her True Damage.

top 3 hyper rolling figures show the best results 2

Vayne 3 will help you deal super strong true damage, especially combined with a large amount of attack speed from Light, and with Rage, the formula has been changed to make it easier to help Vayne can now deal extremely strong damage. In addition, Jax and Nasus are also very strong when they get 3 stars when they can catch a lot of damage from the enemy.

2. Beast

The Beast lineup is also extremely popular with the Hyper Rolling style. The ability of the Beast race helps the troops of this race to immediately finish off the opponent when there is little health. The Beast squad is also full of 1s and 2s that make Hyper Rolling extremely effective and gain a large amount of power early in the game.

top 3 high rolling images

Rek’sai and Kog’maw both deal great damage while Warwick and Skaner are more of a tank, try to get Rek’sai and Kow’maw 3 then stop rolling and start perfecting the team his picture.

3. Fire

Diana and Zyra are two very strong carry generals, especially when they get 3 stars. Hyper Rolling Fire is much more difficult than Light and Beast because Diana and Zyra are also used in the Assassin and Summon squad, so you need to observe carefully before starting Roll.

top 3 hyper rolling figures show the best results 4

Kindred is a very strong bearer with large single target damage and low skill cost, if you have a lot of mana regen, give it to Kindred and you will have a heavy burden even towards the end of the game.
Above are the formations suitable for Hyper Rolling tactics, you can see the details Update Arena of Truth 9.23 Click here to learn about the game’s changes before going into ratings.

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