Knives Crash Tips for Beginners

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Knives Crash is a very good entertainment game after tiring working hours. In Knives Crash, you’ll show off your amazing knife and control skills in challenging levels. Here are tips for playing Knives Crash for newbies.

Knives Crash has easy control mechanism and easy to play rules but requires extremely high tactics. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually as you level up, the enemies will be more numerous and stronger. So how do new players get used to Knives Crash fast?

Knives crash game for everyone

Play Knives Crash, how to play for newbies.

Currently Knives Crash has a version for Android, you can download:

– Download Knives Crash for Android.
– Download Knives Crash for iPhone.

Tips for playing Knives Crash for newbies

– Collect as many knives as possible before clashing with enemies.
– Notice the enemy’s position through the direction arrows.

Knives Crash Game For Every Man 2

– When you collide with an enemy, your knives and the enemy will be thrown and you must be able to touch them to defeat them, just collide with the enemy and pick up the dropped knives around to keep your power me.

– When the enemy has more knives than attack, don’t panic, try to pick up the dropped knives around and wait for the opportunity to kill the enemy again, if the distance of the number of knives is too large, immediately run away.

– Hit the terrain will lose the knife, be careful.
Above are the tips to play Knives Crash, you can see how to download and Play Knives Crash on Bluestack here.

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