Top 20 most powerful weapons in the DC Comics universe (P.2)

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13. Soultaker Sword

Perhaps the most famous sword in the DC Universe, Katana’s Soultaker Sword can draw the soul of anyone it kills. The sword was created in the 14th century and was originally owned by a cruel samurai lord, the blade has accumulated thousands of souls over the years, including Katana’s late husband – Maseo. When absorbed, Katana can use the power of those souls. Even the soul that forms the sword can help prolong the life of its wielder.


12. Cosmic Staff

Used by various characters over the years, Cosmic Staff was created by Ted Knight. It continuously absorbs energy from the stars and converts it into energy that the user can use to fly, generate force fields, shoot energy projections, and even create small energy structures. . Though possessed by many heroes, it is most famously the main weapon of Courtney Whitmore, aka Stargirl.


11. Nth Metal Weapons

A wondrous blend of magic and science, the Nth (Ninth) metal weapon wielded by the Thanagars is full of formidable power. The most common is the effect of breaking gravity, allowing the user to fly. It can help with healing, immunity, and strength and speed.


ten . Khaji da

The Beetle Scarabs were a tool of advanced alien conquerors known as the Reach – who shot these living machines to planets across the galaxy. Once attached to a subject, the bug will turn its host into a Reach army. The bug sent to Earth, known as Khaji Da, gives its owner the ability to fly, create explosions, have flexible limbs, can fire self-made projectiles, heal, and absorb darkness and light. light, and even act on its own if necessary.


9 . Neptune’s Trident

In Greek mythology, the sea god Neptune wields a trident, a three-pronged fishing spear. In the DC Universe, this same weapon has been passed down the royal line of Atlantis. Just keep it, the owner is in complete control of the entire Atlan people. This weapon is currently being used Aquaman holding. It is so powerful that it can redirect entire ocean currents and control it at will. In addition, it is also a weapon used to stab, cut and block in melee combat.


8 . Zeus’s Armor – Zeus’s Armor

Zeus’ armor was intended to be inherited by Wonder Woman, a weapon against the domination of the dark gods. But for some unknown reason, it was left to her brother, Jason, who learned that he could use the armor to access the power of all the Greek gods. So far he has only used the strength of Ares, the speed of Hermes, the wind of Zeus, and the wisdom of Athena. While this weapon has yet to show its full potential, it is already a formidable tool for anyone to use.


7. Mageddon

Although often mistaken for a stand-alone character, Mageddon is actually just a machine. Used as a world destroyer in an earlier era, the Mageddon is a giant computer that can make our lives easy with basic functions, it’s completely unstoppable. destroyed by the force of impact. When threatened, Mageddon can self-destruct with an explosion. at the same time can destroy all material reality. Its abilities never seem to activate as it can directly control anyone who gets too close to it.


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