Arena of Valor – Male gamer bitterly chopped his phone because his teammates were too “chicken”

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Arena of valor became the title MOBA game There are tens of millions of players up to this point. Join the coalition arena every day you have the opportunity to meet, make friends, exchange with a lot of new friends. However, among them, there are also many types of teammates that make players so inhibited that … smash the phone. “Not afraid of strong enemies, only afraid of stupid teammates” is not wrong at all.

Typically, recently, a clip was passed on by netizens to record a scene of a male gamer perhaps because he was too inhibited with his teammates to beat “chicken” or encounter some “young buffalo” component. In the game, how much anger and anger poured out on the innocent phone.

Through the outfit and location in the clip, it can be guessed that this guy is a chef. The clip was recorded by his friend at the male gamer’s workplace. It seems that he is on break so he is very attentive and serious about his game. But just a few seconds later, the gamer could not contain his anger at his teammates, but directly smashed the phone on the ground and threw it into the water tank. And yet, the guy also used a knife to chop it up, and finally threw it in the trash, constantly swearing and declaring “Take a break from playing League of Legends”. Enough to see how a game has a strong influence on the player’s psychology. Witnessing the clip, many people feel sorry for the phone when suddenly “sacrifice” unjustly.

The image is cut from the clip

Indeed, gamers when playing games, encountering unexpected situations are often very angry, frustrated, unable to control their emotions. So it seems that the action of the guy above received a lot of sympathy from the majority of gamers. However, some opinions expressed disagreement with venting their anger on such a phone. Not to mention the damage to your own property, it is also not advisable to not be able to control your emotions and behaviors in simple cases like these.

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