Top 20 most powerful weapons in the DC Comics universe (P.1)

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20. Sword of Superman Superman)

This is a sword created in the aftermath of the Big Bang, Sword of Superman It is a large and extremely sturdy sword. Although created before Clark Kent (Super Man) was born, it bears an “S”-shaped mark on the handle. It brought the full cosmic power to Super Man. As soon as he touched it, he gained near omnipotence and omniscience.


However, later when he became stronger and more independent, Super Man decided not to use the sword anymore and threw it back into space. This mighty weapon ranks very low on this list because it was later revealed that only Super Man could wield it.

19. Spear of Destiny

Weapon used by a Roman soldier to pierce the face of Jesus as he was crucified. Spear of Destiny first appeared in the DC universe in the hands of Adolf Hitler. Hitler cursed the spear to tempt anyone who used it, making them greedy for power. Even Super Man, in one use Spear of Destiny to fight the enemy also nearly got caught up in its curse.


18. Astro-Harness

Astro-Harness is a weapon used exclusively by Orion, it is worn around the waist, shoulders, and legs. It is a mysterious combat device that allows the wearer to fly, firing beams from the arm parts of the harness to create explosions, creating a force field barrier to attack and protect the user. It can also be programmed and self-repair, allowing the weapon to operate remotely for a short time without Orion’s assistance. When wearing it, Orion’s formidable power is amplified to an unknown but potentially limitless extent.


17. Lasso of Truth – The rope of truth

This is the famous weapon of Wonder WomanThe Lasso of Truth was created by the Greek god Hephaestus. This rope is indestructible and it seems to be able to stretch to any length, immune to most forms of magic. Its most famous ability is that anyone tied by this rope is automatically forced to tell the truth, which comes in handy when Wonder Woman interrogates. Besides, it can also be used to attack and defend in battles.


16. Justice Buster

Arguably the most prominent character in the entire DC universe, the main challenge of Batman is being able to fight powerful superheroes of his time. But because of that, the “One” who created the armor named Justice Buster. As the name suggests, it is specially designed to fight the whole Justice League simultaneous. The armor turns Batman into a destructive machine with fighting methods specific to each Justice League member.


15. God Killer Sword

In the comics, the legendary God Killer sword was created by Hephaestus for Deathstroke, who wanted to assassinate an ancient Greek Titan. However, because Titan has the ability to be immortal, Deathstroke needs a magical sword to complete the quest. In addition to being indestructible, the sword can also change its size and weight, can create massive explosions, and can absorb energy to double its strength. It is also interchangeable. shapeshifting, allowing Deathstroke to use it in a variety of ways. He can even split the sword in half.


14. Earn All Blades

Created by the mysterious All Caste warrior group, sword All Blades has the special ability to kill anyone who uses evil magic to harm people on Earth. Reality, All Blades are two swords whose length and shape depend on the wishes of the user. Sword itself All Blades is immaterial, disappears when not in use, and can only be summoned when its user is faced with absolute evil.


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