The owner of the Net shop was bewildered when a bully threatened to ask for protection money

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In the past, cases involving thugs, gangsters, and gangsters have organized actions to demand money for protection and rob people’s property, especially with business households and traders. It’s no longer a rarity. With reckless and sophisticated activities, the subjects relied on the majority to intimidate and force business owners to pay money called “protection”. This greatly affects the psychology as well as the property of the people. Entertainment and entertainment venues such as net shopthe singing shop is the regular “prey” of the subjects.

Recently, a clip was posted by a net shop in Binh Phuoc on the forum for people who doing net work. According to the share, this owner is extremely bewildered when his business location is being threatened by a group of thugs demanding protection money.


Watching the clip, it can be seen that the object (topless) is standing in front of the shop’s cash register pointing, banging the keyboard to threaten the staff.

The incident caused a lot of frustration for members of the net profession community. Most of all advise the shop owner to handle “tough”, report to the police to solve, because if you just give them money out of fear, you will both lose money and not be able to do business safely.


Afterward net shop owner In addition, this group of subjects caused damage to the shop with a computer screen of 2.6 million and a mouse of more than 100,000 VND. The case has been referred to the police for settlement. These subjects themselves also have previous criminal records.​


Perhaps more or less cases like this net business have all encountered. Often, many people are afraid of retaliation, so they do not dare to denounce. However, it is this that makes the bad objects have more opportunities to abuse. The best way to solve it thoroughly is through the intervention of the authorities and the law!​

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