Top 15 most powerful swords in the virtual world

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Swords are one of the most popular weapons of the virtual world, present as the warrior carrying the power of terror throughout many games. It is because of such an important role that many swords have become a symbol, a proof of the success of any name. Based on that topic, readers, let’s take a look at the 15 most powerful and terrorist swords of the virtual world with Emergenceingame.Com right here.

Kingdom KeyKingdom Hearts


Kingdom Key is the name of the most famous Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series. For those who do not know, the Keyblade is considered the ultimate weapon in the Kingdom Hearts world, carrying various powers and used in the historic Keyblade War. However, the main character Sora’s Kingdom Key, in addition to his ability to attack enemies, also allows him to unlock and travel to different worlds… a decisive part of the whole meaning of the Kingdom Hearts series of games. .

LightsaberStar Wars


A featured image in the Star Wars games is a weapon called the Lightsaber – a lightsaber used by both the Jedi and the brutal Sith. Described as an “elegant weapon for a more civilized age..”, the Lightsaber carries power beyond anyone’s imagination. Utilizing the energy released from the Kyber crystal inside, the Lightsabe emits intense light that can melt and cut through nearly anything. In the hands of experienced warriors, the Lightsaber can even block laser projectiles and bounce back towards the enemy.

Blades of ChaosGod of War


This is perhaps the most unique weapon pair on this list when not one but two separate blades connected by a chain. Forged at the bottom of the Underworld by Ares, Blades of Chaos carries the raging power of fire and grants its master divine power. Not that with Blades of Chaos, Kratos was once stained with the blood of many enemies… including his family when he was manipulated by Ares. Later, when wandering to Northern Europe, the Blades of Chaos were thought to have been forgotten because Kratos no longer wanted to continue his deadly journey. But then he ended up having to rely on the Blades of Chaos to be able to step foot into the frozen Helfheim.

RebellionDevil May Cry

Speaking of the half-human and half-demon warrior Dante of the Devil May Cry series, we are talking about the extremely cool and powerful weapons he carries. But despite applying various methods to suppress the devil, the only thing that Dante trusted and always kept with him was the demon sword Rebellion. Despite taking the form of a Claymore (a form of Scottish greatsword), Rebellion contains insane power and allows Dante to awaken the demon within him. This is also a holy relic inherited from Sparda’s father for Dante, expressing his rebellious nature and desire to stand up against the forces that want to destroy humanity. It is highly likely that we will see the return of Rebellion when Devil May Cry 5 is officially released in the near future.


Buster SwordFinal Fantasy VII

Talk about Final Fantasy 7 We are talking about Cloud Strife’s famous sword, the ultimate weapon bearing the powerful name Buster Sword. Carrying a grotesque shape with a length of nearly 2 meters and a width of more than 30 cm, the Buster Sword is indeed a giant weapon in anyone’s hand. The history of this sword has also stolen the tears of many fans when they had to witness the painful stories of their owner.


Cloud is not the first to wield the Buster Sword, but Angeal Hewley – a legendary warrior from the Shinra Corporation. The sword was cast by Angeal’s biological father to commemorate his recruitment into the ranks of SOLDIER and his father had to borrow from everywhere to get a gift for his son. It was also because of that large amount of money that he had to work hard all his life, eventually fell seriously ill and passed away. Bringing that pain, Angeal always cared deeply about the sword, considering it as a symbol of the memory of his father. It is also for this reason that he never wields the Buster Sword, instead wielding a standard issued sword..

When Angeal fell at the hands of his apprentice Zack Fair, the Buster Sword was given to Zack with the message to always protect your honor. And when it was Zack’s turn to fall to the Shinra army’s bullets, he continued to hand over the sword to Cloud Strife.. – a sight no Final Fantasy fan can forget.

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