Stirring suspicions that the virtual version of the Korean group Aespa plagiarized K/DA

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As you know, SM Entertainment is one of the companies in Big3, moreover owns girl group As famous as SNSD or Red Velvet, SM’s upcoming debut group is Aespa Of course, it also received great attention from the online community. However, even though it hasn’t been released yet, Aespa has been constantly under suspicion plagiarism.​

Aespa – SM Entertainment’s rookie group

Aespa is a girl group consisting of 4 members Karina, Giselle, Winter and Ningning, especially the members of the group will work in parallel with their virtual version. Recently, when the image of the virtual version of the 4 members was announced, netizens were stirred again because they looked similar to each other. K/DA group of the Riot Games.​


K/DA is a virtual group founded in 2018 by Riot Games with the participation of champions Ahri, Akali, Evelynn, Kai’Sa to promote League of Legends. The champions will be voiced by real-life singers such as (G)I-dle’s Miyeon and Soyeon, Madison Beer, Jaira Burns, etc. With catchy songs bearing their own signature, K/DA quickly conquered won over listeners and became famous even among non-LOL players.

Korean netizens think that Aespa has plagiarized K/DA, but at a more “alum” level, the reason is quite understandable because an entertainment company like SM can’t compete with such a famous game company. Riot in terms of character design or graphics. Many people also criticized SM because they thought this was a shameless act of copying. Currently, the incident is also being widely discussed in the League of Legends community.​



In addition, another department said that SM has been experimenting with 2D idol models since 2013, so it is impossible to confirm that this company borrowed the idea of ​​Riot Games, let’s wait after Aespa is released and then discuss. It is known that SM Entertainment’s rookie group will officially debut on November 17.​

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