The two “unmatched” YouTubers of Tap Kich both received Youtube’s Silver Button

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Already a gamer of Tap Size Surely no one is unaware of the two names Phuc Xua Trai and Tuan HC, two Youtubers who specialize in posting commenting clips, experiencing Tap Size and highly entertaining. Accordingly, in the middle of last week, the Youtube channel of these two gamers received a silver plated Play button after reaching 100,000 followers.​


This will surely make not only the fans of Phuc Trai Trai and Tuan HC, but also the entire community of Tap Kich players proud, although these are not the first Youtubers of Tap Kich to receive this achievement.

On their personal facebook, Phuc Xuong Trai and Tuan HC expressed their happiness and pride as well as did not forget to express their deep gratitude to all the fans, who are decisive for the achievement. of myself today


Although it also received a lot of mixed compliments from fans and anti-fans, it is undeniable that this is a worthy achievement for the efforts of the two Youtubers during the past time, as well This is an opportunity for Youtubers like Phuc Xuong Trai and Tuan HC or any other young people to have more opportunities to develop their careers and be passionate about this work. Hopefully in the near future, the Tap Kite player community will receive more good news like this, not only stopping the silver-plated Play button, but even gold or diamond.

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