Top 10 villains with righteous motives in the game (P.2)

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Evil people also have “evil this and evil” bro…

We often label a game character as evil, brutal because of the actions they do, instead of the motive, which leads to incomplete views. Among the villains in the game, you must have come across a few characters who, at first glance, seem very ferocious, but when you dig deeper, you will know one thing that their motives are rooted in purpose. lofty. Here are 10 villains with righteous motives in the game.

Top 10 villains with righteous motives in the game (P.2)

In war, it is very easy to forget what is important. During a mission to capture a target named “Kingfish”, Shepherd and his team were attacked, and three years later he continues to hunt for terrorist Vladimir Makarov. Because Shepherd was so involved in capturing Makarov, he deviated from his position of Lieutenant General. Thus, when Shepherd betrays Task Force 141, we can clearly see that his actions were fueled by his selfish motives: wanting to be hailed as a war hero. . It is the desire to capture Makarov with his own hands that has turned Shepherd into a villain, most clearly reflected in the action of killing Roach and Ghost with guns.

And his motives are even more interesting when the player learns that Shepherd’s plan fails at the last minute. After confronting Captain Price and Soap MacTavish, he was finished off by Soap with a cold knife.

Top 10 villains with righteous motives in the game (P.2)

Although Ryan does not appear much in Bioshock (2007), you can still feel his presence everywhere in the underwater city of Rapture. Initially, this was a city created with the principle that there was no ruler, but it was the people here that caused this city to fall. When protagonist Jack finds the city in 1960, it’s already in ruins, and Jack’s place in this story is just to highlight Andrew Ryan’s meanness. Although Ryan’s intentions are somewhat lofty, his “loose” Rapture, not charting a clear development path for this city has turned Ryan into one of the most impressive villains of all time. .

Top 10 villains with righteous motives in the game (P.2)

After being frozen in space, Commander Shepard was resurrected and “recreated” from scratch by Cerberus – a military group focused on the survival and development of mankind. This group operates “outlaws” and believes that humanity needs to develop at all costs, even if it means destroying other races. In fact, Cerberus often straddles the line: At times a group of braves always looking for ways to protect humanity; sometimes it’s like a group of people dedicated to exterminating other races.

The Illusive Man will manipulate others (including Shepard by luring the Collectors to Horizon) to get what he wants; but throughout the campaign in Mass Effect 2, gamers will find that his motives are somewhat… relevant, only the execution is worrisome.

Top 10 villains with righteous motives in the game (P.2)

Handsome Jack is an extremely interesting character throughout Borderlands 2, and is also probably the most hated character in gaming history. On the surface, Handsome Jack is like the villain in the 007 movies, he loves to tease players whenever possible. Even though Jack has a sinister, evil look on his face, he insists that he is the hero in this story. And that’s right, because in the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel part released in 2014, Jack is not the cruel CEO you used to know. Next, players will learn more about Handsome Jack’s motives in Telltale’s Tales from the Borderlands game. Rhys’ relationship with Jack is the main theme throughout 5 episodes in this game, and Jack’s motive is purely to survive.

Top 10 villains with righteous motives in the game (P.2)

The ending of The Last of Us can be said to be one of the most controversial endings, and Joel’s decision has made us rethink the Fireflies team. Joel, Tess and Ellie once thought Fireflies was the best chance to find a cure for the raging zombie disease. In fact, many people believe in Fireflies more than they believe in the military. And when it became known that Ellie was immune to the evil disease, all eyes turned to this girl in the hope of finding a cure.

In order to develop a vaccine, Ellie had to die in surgery. So the player (who controls the character Joel) is forced to put Ellie and the survival of humanity on the balance. In the end, Joel’s selfish actions and love for Ellie made him blind, turning to attack Fireflies to get Ellie off the operating table. Fireflies’ motive is to maintain the survival of mankind, but unfortunately the answer lies in Ellie, and it is certain that Joel will not let Ellie leave him.

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