Poki Mobile set the Alpha Test time on October 9

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Poki Mobile possesses a lot of attractive features, while improving all the shortcomings in the previous Pokiwar version.

The main interface of Poki Mobile

Still the familiar way of playing diamond “scissors” from Pokiwar

Equipment upgrade system for pets in Poki Mobile

Pet breakthrough system in Poki Mobile

The operation Poki Mobile team has gradually implemented and so far has recognized the criteria as well as achieved some significant achievements listed in the image below.


After a period of cherishing and perfecting each feature, the Poki Mobile operation team officially announced the time to open the Alpha Test version to meet the community’s expectations. Specifically: On October 9 open the Alpha Test with a limit of 1000 people, the fastest, on October 15, the Alpha test ends, it is expected to officially launch in November.

During the Alpha Test, players will experience attractive features such as the real-time arena, the top battle, in addition, when logging in for 7 days in a row, players will receive tens of thousands of dollars. free diamonds as well as 3 super hot red pets Hyon, Lugano and Kasagi to experience the game more easily.


This Alpha Test version, although only 80% complete of features compared to the official version, will partly meet the expectation of a quality game of the Pokiwar-loving community for a long time.

See details at: https://www.facebook.com/pokimobile.vn/

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