This is a 4-button game that costs more than 950 million VND

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A collector old game just confirmed with the popular website Kotaku they have sold a copy 4 button game (NES) at a super-record price. Yes, it’s exactly the sports game called Stadium Events was officially sold for 42,000 USD, or about 950 million VND. This is a terrible price for a title NES games… but you must be wondering why is it so valuable?


The reason behind the hefty price tag for a game like that stems from the limited release of Stadium Events. Not only sold in small quantities, but Stadium Events was immediately recalled and replaced by a newer product called World Class Track Meet. Therefore, it is difficult to find an intact Stadium Events game tape, having a game box with paper wrapped is even more difficult than a hundred thousand times.

4 button game version with record price.

In fact, the first seller was about to launch this game box on eBay, but then the highest bidder suddenly disappeared and did not advance. After contacting another collector, the seller was able to give Stadium Events to the new owner for $42,000, officially entering the record books as the highest selling game in history.


For comparison, a rare game cassette can sell for $10,000, an unboxed copy of the game with a manual can sell for 20,000. The Stadium Events box game we just talked about above with the same wrapper was released just yesterday, showing how high its rarity is. According to experts, this game box has a rating of 85+/100 – that is, extremely good quality.​

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