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Top 10 most impressive villains in the game

Handsome Jack - Emergenceingame

It is often said that playing an evil role is often very “happy”. While the heroes must always be consistent, upright, and exemplary, the bad guys are not bound at all. They can live loose, brutal or cruel in their own way. Let’s go through it together Our top 10 favorite game villains.

10. Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

Pyramid head - Emergenceingame

The “specialties” of the Silent Hill game series are extremely ghostly and monstrous monsters, they will haunt you for a long time in your dreams even if you quit the game because you were too scared. The creatures in Silent Hill all instill fear in players, but among them the most terrible is Silent Hill 2’s Pyramid Head.

As a large monster wielding a giant ax and a conical hat, Pyramid Head follows your every step in the game, time and time again killing Maria, the silhouette of his wife. your deceased. You keep witnessing that horrifying scene, until you realize Pyramid Head is the embodiment of your own sins.

Pyramid Head also appeared in two movie adaptations of the series, Silent Hill 2006 and Silent Hill: Revelation (2012).

9. Handsome Jack – Borderlands 2

Handsome Jack 1 - Emergenceingame

It is often said that words must be matched with actions. The CEO of Hyperion Corporation has always said that he is a good person, showing nobility, but his sick, contemptuous behaviors prove the exact opposite.

Not only always trying to kill the Vault Hunters, he is also an extremely evil bastard.

He is so wretched that his daughter, Angel, a Siren that he trapped in a machine to control his power, ended up sacrificing her own life to hinder his actions.

Through TellTales’ Tales from the Borderlands series, you may get to know a little more about Jack’s character, maybe even feel some sympathy for him, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is who he is. a madman, willing to buy a pony with diamonds just for fun (the episode in Borderlands).

8.Ganondorf – The Legend of Zelda

Ganondorf The Legend of Zelda - Emergenceingame

Ganondorf’s relationship with Link is similar to that of Bowser to Mario or Bass to Mega Man. Ganon does two and only two things: kidnap the Hyrule princesses and steal the Triforce of Power. Oh forgot, he also turned into a giant wild boar and was killed by the teenage elves.

However, you beat him every time, but at least he doesn’t give up. This is a bit tragic given that the world in the Zelda games has a cyclical timeline and poor Ganon’s “number” is to have to fail over and over and over again… drag endlessly long.

7. Evil Shepard – Mass Effect: Citadel

Evil Shepard Mass Effect Citadel - Emergenceingame

Is there anyone capable of equaling Admiral Shepard of the SSV Normandy? Shepard defeated the Reapers, the monsters of Rachni, Geth, Cerberus, and a series of mercenaries.

So in the Citadel DLC of part 3 of this series, it is not too difficult to understand when the only enemy capable of causing difficulties for Shepard is… Shepard.

The ultimate enemy of this talented commander is a copy of himself, created by Cerberus to act on their behalf.

6. Gaunter O’Dimm – The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone

Gaunter O’Dimm The Witcher 3 - Emergenceingame

One of the bad points of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is that the main game, Wild Hunt, is quite “lack of salt”. Luckily, the title’s first DLC pack, Hearts of Stone, was right in time with one of the greatest villains in gaming history.

You first meet Gaunter O’Dimm (also known as “Master Mirror”) in the game’s tutorial. He gives Geralt a little piece of advice and a promise to meet again one day. Later, after saving Geralt’s life, O’Dimm forced Geralt to grant the three wishes of the immortal mercenary Olgierd von Everec… and inflicted a giant burn on Geralt’s face, which could only disappear after the mission. service is completed.

Following the flow of the plot, you will gradually discover that O’Dimm is a Faust demon who specializes in collecting souls and terrifies anyone who foolishly learns about his true identity. If that wasn’t enough to terrify you, some astute Reddit users have discovered that O’Dimm has been following your every step throughout the DLC.

Quote from Reddit user /u/Novigrad_Whore: “The Devil is in the details.” (foreign idiom – roughly translated: “Art is in details”).

5. Gul’Dan (first version) – Warcraft

GulDan - Emergenceingame

Gul’Dan is the author of most of the woes in the Warcraft series.

For example, in order to obtain demonic powers from Kil’jaeden, Gul’Dan led the Orc tribes into The Horde, who then became slaves of the Burning Legion before committing genocide with the Draenei tribe.

Gul’Dan then teamed up with Medivh (now controlled by Sargeras) to open a portal allowing the Horde to invade Azeroth, which led to Draenor’s downfall after an Allied counterattack. causing the Shaman Ner’zhul to create an excessive number of escape portals, eventually leading to the planet exploding and becoming Outland.

As for Gul’Dan, he was killed by a bunch of demons when he tried to open Sargeras’s tomb.

The above circumstances have led us to World of Warcraft’s Warlords of Draenor expansion, which is a different timeline with another Gul’Dan, but I would like to stop here because that is out of scope. en this article.

4. Bowser – Mario

Bowser Mario - Emergenceingame

Bowser, better known as King Koopa, has terrorized Peach, Mario, and the inhabitants of the Mushroom Kingdom for decades… but even so, they still end up at war and… play tennis. together.

In all of the main Mario games, Bowser has always been a formidable opponent of Mario, sending his children, 7 Koopalings, to hinder and harm Mario to satisfy his rage. .

It was not until Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars that the gaming community learned more about Bowser’s extremely rich inner life, when this giant turtle expressed grief over the loss of his castle. radio through a haiku (a Japanese genre of poetry).

Bowser Mario 1 - Emergenceingame

3. GLaDOS – Portal

Glados - Emergenceingame

In the original Portal, the insane artificial intelligence program GLaDOS possesses the cruelty of HAL 9000 combined with humour, irony, and irony.

GLaDOS constantly provokes you as you work your way through her increasingly complex Test Chambers. GLaDOS becomes more and more insane and out of control after you escape the trap she set up in the Incinerator Room, until you finally defeat her.

However, in Portal 2, you are forced to cooperate with GLaDOS after both are betrayed by Wheatley and GLaDOS has its power changed into a… potato. On your quest for revenge, you’ll discover GLaDOS was once Caroline: assistant to the deranged CEO of Aperture Science. After that CEO died, Caroline was forced to be uploaded to the main computer.

Having experienced such tragedies, it is partly understandable why GLaDOS decided to poison most of the laboratory’s personnel on “Daughter to Work Day”.

2. M. Bison – Street Fighter

M Bison - Emergenceingame

M. Bison, Vega or Dictator, no matter what you call the main antagonist of the Street Fighter series, you will be brought to your knees before his overwhelming power “Psycho Power”.

As the leader of the mysterious Shadaloo crime syndicate, M. Bison is behind most of the crimes that happen to the boxers of this famous series.

Not only did he kill Chun-Li’s father, Guile’s best friend – Charlie Nash, but he also kidnapped and brainwashed a series of teenage girls to become his henchmen, he also tried to take over the world many times. .

But of course, his biggest crime is his EX Devil’s Reverse move in the game.

1. Kefka – Final Fantasy VI

Kefka - Emergenceingame

What’s scarier than a clown? Of course, a scary clown with extraordinary strength.

Final Fantasy VI’s main antagonist, Kefka, is the first Magitek knight, although his transformation makes him… a little weird. Kefka always acted coldly no matter who he was, he even used the methods of another evil clown and poisoned the water of an entire kingdom in order to capture it faster.

Things got even worse when he betrayed the man behind his back, King Geshtal, in order to absorb the power of the Warring Triad to become a god and ready to strike anyone who refused to submit to him. . Usually in other games, a certain protagonist would stop Kefka before he could commit too many crimes, but in Final Fantasy he ruled the world for a full year before being defeated. .

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