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Smoke Bomb and play support on Xbox One X

Bản Update Fortnite V.1.9.1 2 - Emergenceingame

- EmergenceingameFortnite will now support Xbox One X! The Fortnitemares event ends on November 29 with the V.1.9.1 update. Weekly leaderboard will be ‘reset’ when V.1.9.1 is released.

8WlCkJtKF4RNyE IA48cez 1v3oRSW4VCwmbpRi0KbB2dgFWfF DUNUg5IIAiv gqyKNqWRpqNxlloWxfRPydHLb9IxjCH0L shJguFMg7mzPgSURCcqznpljaMDvNcU4tNVIDq - EmergenceingameSmoke Bomb – Battle Royale

Bản Update Fortnite V.1.9.1 - Emergenceingame

This grenade does no damage but can cover vision with white smoke when thrown. It can be found in all chests and is randomly found everywhere.

New Leaderboard – Battle Royale

So you think you’re the best? Let’s prove it.

Introducing 2 new leaderboards:

  • A global ranking of the 50 best players by game mode. Calculated by the number of games won.
  • Calculated by the total amount of experience gained.

Bản Update Fortnite V.1.9.1 1 - Emergenceingame

Bwchfo1apMBx8NlkLw6NsWu lqeixylFzJ1wZ0 ST3exuoFBfUuoc IWdAXcRExdeKKdJ2iZRRlRxvVrMgYNb Sb8yVeIbhBMTT7ooszJkfcvLDu8NClA8JEO1BNvMxz5zTS K39 - EmergenceingameVindertech Weapons – Save the World

Win with Vindertech! Take advantage of these 9 new weapons. They will appear during Mutant Storms.

Mutant Storms Return – Save the World

Mutant storms are back! Stormtroopers can get a storm ticket. Let’s also team up, survive and loot!



  • Duo List: Medium Ammo stack increased from 10 to 14.
  • Squad List: Medium Ammo stack increased from 10 to 18.
  • These changes apply to medium ammo stacks found outside of crates and ammo cans.
  • The original Rocket Launcher will replace the Pumpkin Launcher.
  • Because of a lot of requests from players, Rocket Launcher now supports flying on rockets.
  • The “Outlive” daily challenge will not count team members.


  • Players do not lose health when jumping on the Launch Pad from above.
  • Fixed an issue that caused effects to display incorrectly during gameplay when jumping repeatedly on Launch Pads.
  • Fixed firing and reloading effects with the new silencer SMG.
  • Fixed an issue where players would lose health from falling when knocked out in skydive mode (after using Launch Pad).
  • Fixed a bug where the effect would crash when being destroyed while using the Launch Pad.


  • Players will now receive a confirmation message before leaving a match if they accept an invitation from a teammate who has previously left the match.
  • Change the word “Gamepad” to “Wireless Controller” and “Controller” in the menu.
  • Daily challenges are no longer automatically collected upon confirmation of invitations.


  • Fixed some placement issues in the Season Shop.
  • Presence is now properly translated to languages ​​across platforms.
  • Changing items in your inventory while the server is under maintenance will no longer lock the game client.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not control the inventory bar (Locker tab) if they canceled a submenu bar


  • The location of the bushes has been changed.
  • The bushes are no longer in different locations on different platforms.


  • Reduced stutter while loading background scenes in idle instead of mid-game.


  • The “Invite” button in “Party Finder” can only be pressed once every 2 seconds to prevent spam inviting friends.



  • Fortnite now supports 4K for Xbox One X!
  • Fortnite on Xbox One X pushes the in-game configuration to resemble what you’d see when configuring your PC to “Epic”.
  • This covers improved contrast quality; better processing quality such as opacity, anti-aliasing, and depth; add distance; adding scene details; shadow effects for lights and objects; Better resolution for details and shadows.
  • Content is processed at 80% of 4K and up to 4K through processing software. Interface runs at 4K
  • Removed the black streak that appeared when running in Xbox One.
  • Fixed an issue where Xbox One prevented players from logging in if they logged out and immediately logged into their Xbox One live account in the game.

PlayStation 4

  • If a player fails to join a party, they will not appear in that party on PS4 and friends’ profiles.



  • The Fortnitemares event has ended to make way for Mutant Storms!
  • For every 500 unused Halloween tickets, you will receive a Halloween llama, available in the loot tab.
  • Fight the storm and get tickets from missions 10 times in a day.
  • Added Mutants Storms-exclusive event quests.
  • Pulsar – accurate burst assualt rifle
  • Burster – pistol that can fire 3 consecutive rounds (burst)
  • Blazer – continuous firing pistol
  • Disintegrator – shotgun that fires plasma projectiles.
  • Jolter – energy aiming gun.
  • Blaster – a gun with a heavy barrel
  • Slammer – High speed rocket hammer
  • Sever – light energy ax with fast attack speed.
  • Slicer – mid-range energy sword.
  • Players can loot these weapons from the event quests and the llamas . event
  • The number of Storm Tickets generated by Mutant Storms will be evenly distributed among other levels of the same level
  • Upgraded zapper bullets are no longer affected by the shooter’s movement speed
  • Dance is now more accurate and reliable


  • Fixed a bug that caused some green squares not to award experience points


  • Updated Rocket Hammer description to be all-inclusive in rarity and classification.
  • Improved handle controls in the Options menu


  • Fixed a bug that caused Ninja icons to become super small


  • Fixed a rare bug that caused the game to crash when closing the game.

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