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Top 10 characters with genius brains in the Marvel universe (P.2)

5. Henry Jonathan “Hank” Pym (Ant-man)

As a doctor, scientist is sure that “Hank” Pym must possess a brain more than human. His biggest invention is to create Pym particles – an extremely rare atomic particle that can change the size of the body, turning people into miniatures to the size of an ant, equivalent to a height of 12.7 mm. He also invented a magnetic box specially designed to store the Pym particle and convert it into a gas. These atoms have wavelengths depending on the user’s mind, allowing Ant-man to zoom in or out of anything within a limited range.


4. Victor Von Doom (Dr.Doom)

Victor is a villain who specializes in confronting the Fantastic Four and other superheroes thanks to his super magical abilities. However, his most dangerous weapon is his intelligence. Dr.Doom is one of the smartest people on the planet. From a young age he received a scholarship from a university in Hegeman, New York and began to build machines. He also cured Ben Grim from The Thing’s form, creating hundreds of machines, including time machines, devices to increase human strength and many types of advanced robots.


3. Tony Stark (Iron-man)

It’s hard to find anyone more perfect than ‘Iron-man’ Tony Stark. Not only is he an outstanding scientific genius, he was also born into a wealthy family with a wealth of technology corporation Stark Industry and is a pompous, girl-killing prince. Although he does not possess superpowers like other superheroes, but thanks to his natural intelligence, Tony Stark can also create weapons and equipment for combat. From the age of 3, he invented the electronic chip himself, at the age of 8 he built the first machine, at the age of 15 Tony graduated with a degree in Physics and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. inherit the Stark Industry corporation and make it powerful. And finally, it is impossible not to mention his extremely “heavy” and brave armor collection.


2. Amadeus Cho

After winning the $500,000 prize from the Brain Fight contest, Amadeus Cho became known worldwide as a teenage super genius and ranked 7th on the list of the smartest people in the world. . Amadeus possesses a brain that works like a supercomputer, capable of judging situations quickly and complexly in an unbelievably short time. It allows him to identify events and sub-quantum computational information in all situations and use this information to tailor the results to the level that is most appropriate and safest for him. Amadeus Cho can process information quickly, remembering everything without ever forgetting anything.


1. Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)

Reed Richar is a genius scientist, the world’s leading aeronautical engineer, knowledgeable about all the sciences on Earth and even some other advanced civilizations in the universe. As one of the most intelligent people in the universe, from a young age Reed showed a gift for being an extraordinary child with exceptional abilities in mathematics, physics and mechanics. At the age of 14, Reed was accepted into the California Institute of Technology. He also attended Harvard and MIT. In addition, Reed also attended university in Austria and was called “Super Genius” by his friends. At the age of 18, he earned four degrees in engineering, mathematics and physics and went on to study for a fifth degree at State University in Hegeman, New York. In addition, when Reed is hit by Cosmic Ray, Reed’s intelligence is increased many times.​


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