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Girlfriend: “Shoot me, don’t shoot PUBG”, continue or stop?

Games and girlfriends is always a difficult choice for male gamers. Girls may not hate games but still want to put their lover to the test of choice, simply to prove their love. But our gamers are not the average type when they have enough reasons to defend their survival hobby. Like “lovers can betray you but games can’t”.

That makes many girls have to “cry half-heartedly” when the road is a lover but unfortunately “disgraced” because the lover is too greedy for games. Most of all, everything is just behind the game, forcing her to issue an “ultimatum”: “Choose me or the game?”. Make sure any guy in this case is as confused as silk.

That’s why the male gamer below was so confused that he had to post on the forum to ask his comrades whether to “play on or off” when his lover texted: “Why do you keep PUBG, shoot me.”


It’s just a normal message, but it probably refers to a very real problem in the gaming community in general, especially those who don’t have “Forever Alone” anymore. And immediately, the story above received countless comments with a series of mixed advice. Of course, the real gamers are always talking about the eternal truth that “Girls are just fleeting, the game is everything”. That’s why there’s a lot of advice for our main character that “It’s best to shoot again, not sure if the top is raising another guy’s wife”, even to the point of harsher “break up, sorry, I’m jumping down Pochiki keep inboxing”… Most of these gamers think that if you are a lover, you need to respect and give each other private space so that each person can do according to their preferences instead of putting them in choices like like this.​


However, besides that, there are still some that advise the guy to spend time with his girlfriend first, and then play whatever he wants. Because after all, the lover has only 1, the enemy has 1001 names, “shoot” for how long, as a humorous gamer commented.


Indeed, although I still know that the game is merely an entertainment, higher than a passion, but if just because of the game matches, if I let my lover feel lonely, it will be a huge mistake. . Falling in love with a girl is one thing, keeping her or not is another. Any girl in love does not expect her lover to notice, care, a little neglect of you is enough to make her hurt more than ever.

The task of the gamer guys is to restructure the game time appropriately to take care of both their real-life girlfriend as well as other surrounding relationships. And girls, as lovers or wives, should also know some sympathy for the personal preferences of the man you love!

And you, if you encounter a situation like the gamer guy in the above sharing, what will you do, continue playing or take a break?

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