Top 10 best fathers of main characters in anime/manga (P.2)

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6. Echizen Nanjiroh (Prince of Tennis)

Echizen Nanjiroh is the father of the main character Echizen Ryoma, as well as a tennis legend, and was once called a “hard to find genius in a hundred years”. It was he who sent Ryoma back to Japan so that he could develop his tennis talent and achieve much later success.


7. Inu no Taishō – General Dog (Inuyasha)

To be able to give birth to two sons as handsome and strong as Inuyasha and Sesshomaru, it goes without saying how excellent General Dog is. He is the lord of the demon ruling the Western Region, possessing 3 holy swords, Toai Nguyet Nha, Thien Sinh Nha, and Tong Van Nha. In it, Tie Toaiya was made from his teeth and given to Inuyasha, the sword is covered with a barrier that prevents youkai with aversion to humans, so Sesshomaru cannot touch it. As for Tianshengya, the sword was given to Sesshomaru, also made from his teeth.


8. Von Hohenheim (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Van Hohenheim is the father of two alchemists brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, and is also the main character of the series. Although he ran away from home a few years ago for unknown reasons, Van Hohenheim was known as a master of alchemy, possibly immortal. Because of his sudden departure, the two brothers must try to track down a legendary catalyst called the Philosopher’s Stone, to restore their bodies to their original state after a terrible failure while trying to bring them back to life. Beloved mother resurrected through alchemy.


9. Bunta Fujiwara (Initial D)

Bunta is the owner of the Fujiwara Tofu store and Takumi’s father. He was the number one downhill racer in Mt. Akina many years ago, but became the instructor for Takumi racing. Thanks to his father’s tutelage, Takumi Fujiwara became the outstanding racer he is today.


10. Kudo Yusaku (Detective Conan)

Kudo Yusaku is a famous detective novelist, his wife is Kudo Yukiko and son is Kudo Shinichi. He is world famous for his talent in writing detective stories, especially the novel “The Dark Baron. When he was 17, he helped Inspector Megure solve many difficult cases, just like his son at that time. However, he considers himself nothing more than a writer.If comparing Kudo Shinichi with Sherlock Holmes, Yusaku is likened to Sherlock’s older brother, Mycroft Holmes, simply because of Yusaku’s reasoning ability as well as that of Sherlock Holmes. Mycroft is both superior to Shinichi or Sherlock, but neither of them are detectives.


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