Together with SanSheng, plan to destroy’s Ward

Together with SanSheng, plan to destroy's Ward

This article is translated from SanSheng’s post on

cung sansheng len ke pha ward cua virtus pro picture - Emergenceingame

First, let’s recall these quotes from members:

5a78326cb0a3abfeeb99243264987a2f - Emergenceingame
They didn’t surprise us at all – we knew well what they were going to do and how, and they didn’t find a solution to that.
1dc23b310ab1c0b967a7416df313c471 - Emergenceingame
We even joked and laughed about it during the game.
bec9b8231f0ec0c804cbee9c966805cd - Emergenceingame
Actually, we were forced to win in 15 minutes, but couldn’t because of communication and error handling errors. But we also ended the match in a logical way
b9ac34bf7279ace7fd773dc84cf7b7a1 - Emergenceingame
Coordination, skill and understanding of Dota. It wasn’t great when we were playing against Chinese teams, I don’t know why.
61d0a8ef4ea855265c4f1ac562d2c788 - Emergenceingame
In the last game, they even let him hold the Broodmother, so we won’t be using CW with them anymore

The above quotes come from the interview after’s victory over VGJ.Thunder at the Bucharest Major.

After mocking Chinese teams, VP started talking about WESG

Question: will you guys attend WESG?

0407cd43b8560b315592fcd59f87a9e9 - Emergenceingame
We will attend WESG. Hopefully everyone will compete there – the WESG prize pool is twice as big as the Major!

Our Chinese teams have won TI 3 times and won 3 TI silver medals. Who are you guys mocking when you yourself have never appeared in the finals of TI?

Every year, when it’s only half a year away from TI, there’s always a Russian team ‘trash talk’ and extremely arrogant, thinking they’re the best team in the world. In the end, it only lasted 2-3 months before they started to fall apart and force a roster change.

You will pay the price for your arrogance. See you at TI8!

My years of experience as a player and coach have allowed me to draw this conclusion: in a match, there are many factors that are more important than the skill of the players. One of them is vision! When a player is overwhelmed, it’s not just his personal skill. Other reasons include tactical placement, hero counters, gameplay, resource allocation, etc. Even if you think this player is a noob, with TI approaching, roster changes don’t make sense. think a bit. Therefore, be more open. Do all you can to improve the team, for example sharing your experiences or encouraging your teammates.

Each time you are dewarded, it means the opponent will know your move. Whether it’s jungling, ganking, smoking or pushing turrets, the enemy knows it. Especially when you’re at a disadvantage, your support doesn’t dare to go ward on its own. Therefore, going up against someone like Solo – who is very good at breaking wards – is a difficult challenge.

I researched VP’s wards and found that they wards very systematically and are easy to catch. As a professional support player, I hope that my analysis of VP, as well as my knowledge of how VP’s wards work, will help Chinese teams deal well with VP and increase their team’s warding ability. Here’s what I hope I can do to protect China’s Dota glory

VP ward analysis

After a brief study of VP’s matches at PGL, they enjoyed playing on Radiant’s side.

279d278efc33d93779bd7bd8d28840e0 - Emergenceingame

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 6 - Emergenceingame

At PGL, VP mainly plays on Radiant side. There were only two games they played on Dire’s side, including a win and a loss.

I realized that when VP plays with Radiant, even though the warding is very mischievous, they are still systematic. From my observations, if the Chinese teams had studied VP’s wards before the game, the results of PGL would have been different.

1. Obsever Ward keeps Roshan and Dire’s top lane

At this Major, VP placed wards almost exactly the same in all games. This is the place to ward before winning Roshan (1 minute after what you see from the screenshot, VP takes advantage of the vision from this ward and quickly kills three VG.J heroes from the Centaur + AA combo). When you’re up against VP, there’s no harm in placing wards here in the mid game. Your reward is not only 100 gold from dewarding.

0daf523841e2477b058c189284444194 - Emergenceingame
Before VP rosh, they smoked and planted wards here, thereby helping the team win the match

Here’s one of VP’s favorite wards while roshan: the Ancient area on top of Dire.

c47407688c4e5b5116b50e60475077af - Emergenceingame
This is one of VP’s favorite ward positions. It reads the moves of heroes on Dire’s side from above.

2. Usually uses the obsever ward to keep an eye on Dire’s jungle

VP prioritizes vision in the Dire forest area. When the match started to get tense between the two sides, they enjoyed warding in the Dire forest. This ward position rarely changes.

e86e383575a46e0b27fe97e50c6745fe - Emergenceingame
When entering the Dire forest from the mid lane, the path is wards between the two camps in the forest
aced8c8600ac3858c79255d5c6833b06 - Emergenceingame
This position rarely changes
00260d665618f28f17e047905cbd4a22 - Emergenceingame
Still the same location… They change every once in a while, but can be found with just 1 sentry…

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 11 - Emergenceingame

7652f444e91824b3dd4f3eb5b0a042d8 - Emergenceingame
Sometimes here, sometimes there, but all detectable with just 1 sentry…

3. Visibility in Dire forest area under bot

When VP has the advantage, they prioritize vision around the jungle area under the bot. They always use vision to capture core heroes while farming in this area. However, the creativity of the team when warding in this area is not new. The ward placement remains the same in many games.

fb2a6ff4dc2cc6ad3bf008fa07c7222d - Emergenceingame
Position of the first ward. This position can be placed in a hidden position and does not obstruct the camp, so it is difficult to detect
d6fcfc3b1f805a1f14a33946283bf60b - Emergenceingame
Second ward placement. As you can see, these two positions are easy to deward with only 1 sentry

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 15 - Emergenceingame

ee2cf9f3de802bccadf830c4b15d11f1 - Emergenceingame
3rd ward placement
29e7540c7f6ec09b11145c42a9e2e7a5 - Emergenceingame
The ward placement is extremely effective in the ancient Radiance

4. “Advantage” of wards in the lane right behind the tower

When VP has the advantage in any lane and wants to push that lane, they usually put a ward right behind the previous turret…

a979a0b9d6a9ffb15bed462325562883 - Emergenceingame
First ward placement, behind Dire .’s mid lane

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 18 - Emergenceingame

2bd8a80fcd2c23f317096083333343bd - Emergenceingame
The ward position in the top lane behind the turret allows VP to overtake Liquid

5. Other jungle ward positions

d03f96cdc192ecf4e484639b1279314e - Emergenceingame
Top lane near turret 2 in the jungle
5a580260fe0dd48cbdd9a4570707eafe - Emergenceingame

Same location, but this time in a different directionCùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 22 - Emergenceingame

6a4d13852825469c5ee3f1b3eb465ea8 - Emergenceingame
Only move about half a meter

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 23 - Emergenceingame

e60b8e12bcb273c17da67a5fc3c566d7 - Emergenceingame
This Sentry is the best place to plug in if you want to try dewarding. Any ward on the left or right side will give you 100 gold
4620dd4d86dad93b1474dc9a4585695d - Emergenceingame
Location of the Radiant forest ward. Very popular

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 25 - Emergenceingame

603a8f90ed73b06ce2d11afe20a5b07d - Emergenceingame
Place the ward right next to the shrine, it doesn’t matter if it’s dewarded or not


VP has some unique observer ward placement properties:

  1. Ward is extremely deep. They usually put an obsever ward behind the previous 2 turret, even before your 1 turret falls. Similarly, before your 2nd turret falls, they have placed a ward on the High ground. Since these wards are very deep, they are often dangerous and difficult to deward. Has anyone put sentry right in their base in the first 10 minutes of the game?
  2. Stable position. As you can see, wards are always in familiar places. It’s the same in all games, with a few minor changes.
  3. They ward off wards in the back of trees and in hiding, that’s why their ward positions don’t change.

Next time you face VP, put some sentry in a good position. Taking away their vision is no longer a dream. I’ll show you a few wards that can be placed after clearing a tree:

14eff86cee70d1821cf142307f61dde5 - Emergenceingame
Destroy the tree as shown in the picture. After breaking, you can plant wards here for good visibility (picture below)

1b01fbf28cf1da99e6459a188a8e31e3 - Emergenceingame

So beautiful!Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 27 - Emergenceingame

The next ward is for vision, as well as for blocking camp.

16f7ed5da29f8115cb81d121fb947766 - Emergenceingame
Eat this tree
1a2b026a00b7854299587e7d18e6ed3b - Emergenceingame
Just block the camp and have a vision
333a7add1c8da243582fd54316424ee4 - Emergenceingame
Obsever ward as you can see in the picture blocks the camp, but the sentry’s position is not

The following wards can be plugged directly and do not need to be cut.

The position of the ward in the high ground Dire top

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 32 - Emergenceingame

c0fa439d720b9804a200008ca90dfe24 - Emergenceingame
Placement of wards in the top lane highround

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 33 - Emergenceingame

0f166ff1f7c6bf9d69fab7248659ad4b - Emergenceingame
This ward gives a wide view, not only seeing the river area, but also a small part of the Dire . forest

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 35 - Emergenceingame

41c711c1b988d7a5bfa9437e8b544ead - Emergenceingame
The ward placement is very common near the bottom rune
2fce3204fda3b791919ad2a1bc566888 - Emergenceingame
The ward placement is extremely popular in the upper river
fefb816ccb004d387bb7c6db2c8d0f0e - Emergenceingame
Location for ancient Radiance views and access to the campsites from the mid forest
72f9cd2db7be2bcfdcf76e942fb78611 - Emergenceingame
The ward position is extremely popular in Ancient

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 37 - Emergenceingame

395ae7539e0276629c14aeb116ff8f52 - Emergenceingame
Ward position between T2 Radiant tower and facing ancient

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 38 - Emergenceingame

Area view around ancient and river

aff735fe82c48f0efd9c7e00d7bcd7cb - Emergenceingame
View around ancient and river

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 40 - Emergenceingame

fd000eb2126c696d27cb7a07dc30ad68 - Emergenceingame
This ward not only shows you the secret shop, but you also see the entrance to the Roshan pit as well as the back of the Roshan pit
98aad4bd3d344c43b953f197e5825a86 - Emergenceingame
Extremely difficult position to deward in Dire . Forest

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 42 - Emergenceingame

121dc75f66b871b64597a3966af2166f - Emergenceingame
Extremely difficult position to deward in Dire . Forest
f0e662926dc5fa3cf9f0aa15d08f304b - Emergenceingame
You not only see the dire forest area, but also the direction towards Roshan

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 43 - Emergenceingame

caaafe82088c2dd53d8b2b3bf7ce632c - Emergenceingame
The ward is very effective on the high ground, not only is it difficult to ward, it also shows visibility into the mid lane, river, and rune position. The vision of this ward is huge

Ward position in Radiant top lane in turret 2

acf6c8da568377cbc8c17dc346fbb067 - Emergenceingame
The ward position of the image above (camera in the lower part)
dbf767b05b066283c70ef6352595c19f - Emergenceingame
The position of the ward is in the top lane behind the turrets on both sides of the Radiant
6bc627f8cfed3ac4d989cecbc7fef828 - Emergenceingame
Ward placement in Radiant forest, wide field of view (needs to destroy 2 trees)

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 48 - Emergenceingame

Ward mid and jungle

91d733f1d7eb167ce98d766970bee699 - Emergenceingame
Ward in mid and jungle

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 49 - Emergenceingame

f1c414a26179fc82d12d657c79714f4c - Emergenceingame
Place wards in the top lane behind Radiant’s 2nd turret

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 50 - Emergenceingame

ff7631bcb03cadb58015b950a857d7a7 - Emergenceingame
Place the ward in the top lane behind Dire’s turret 2 and head into the jungle
76a3fa7523b661382bff77d8873db8ab - Emergenceingame
Dire top lane jungle entry location and Radiant 1 turret vision
b9bd458c8db2ce62cca49b9db90953aa - Emergenceingame
Radiant forest ward position (wide view)
680d830dfc8539b062cd61c70a7c0534 - Emergenceingame
At night time, you can place wards in front of turret 1 of Dire bot lane, very hard to deward

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 54 - Emergenceingame

ae593064272be4f34081548a1bdcc436 - Emergenceingame
The location of the ward is in the direction of the Radiant forest

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 55 - Emergenceingame

5463f83b54a4dc169bfe259b1fde5073 - Emergenceingame
Location of Dire . forest ward
264dac7bfdc687be3e27d5d5649d3cbd - Emergenceingame
Location of Dire . forest ward
ae9490e35f26ea621127421882720021 - Emergenceingame
Position ward vision just outside the Dire mid and bot lane high ground (a little opening to see Shadow Shaman)

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 58 - Emergenceingame

3984e8dedd334a5ad21ea8269b060baf - Emergenceingame
Breaking the tree here allows to place wards with a better range
4a9825dd0b1198fe302fe1c2595e8147 - Emergenceingame
Ward here will give a view of the Radiant secret shop, Bounty Rune and towards Roshan

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 61 - Emergenceingame

07bd68abd8800cd927ab7d769a4fcb96 - Emergenceingame
Ward here will give a view of the Radiant secret shop, Bounty Rune and towards Roshan

Cùng SanSheng phân tích phá Ward của 62 - Emergenceingame

Finally, best wishes to the Chinese team! We have bolded Dota 2 into our bodies, infiltrated our blood and bones. Let’s protect the glory of the Chinese teams of the ‘odd years’ together.

My name is Newbee.SanSheng, and my name is engraved on Aegis.

Source link: Together with SanSheng, plan to destroy’s Ward


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