Toca Life World: How to unlock secrets in buildings and cafes

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Every corner of the building, the coffee shop in Toca Life World are all hidden secrets. Join to discover the secrets of these areas in the game Toca Life World Please!

Toca Life World is an attractive educational game for children
Toca Life World is an attractive educational game for children

The secret of the building in Toca Life World

The apartment building located on OK street has many secrets waiting for you to discover. Let’s explore each floor together!

1st floor

One of the secrets of the apartment building on the first floor is that there is a crumpet lurking here. Go to the elevator and you’ll see a movable metal board at the top. Remove it, a button appears. Pressing that button opens a dance floor with disco balls behind the elevator. Above the dance floor is a robotic crumpet at Rob-o Café.

An apartment in a building in Toca Life World
An apartment in a building in Toca Life World

Moving to the left of the screen, right next to the elevator, is the restroom. Go to the toilet and open it, you’ll see a hidden gem inside. Going further to the left is the bedroom with a double bunk bed. Next to the bed is an open cabinet containing items. Remove objects on the second shelf of the cabinet to open a small door. Open it to reveal a folded piece of paper with the equation written inside and an apple like Jack Skellington.

On the far left is another bedroom with a girl with orange hair. A purple crystal ball is placed on a triangular shelf. Put that ball in the girl’s left hand, then, go up to the second floor.

2nd Floor

Elevator on the 2nd floor of the apartment building in Toca Life World There’s also a metal panel that covers a button at the back. Press it to open the hidden room. This time, you will see a 3-storey mini apartment.

  • On the first floor, in the bathtub there is a robotic crumpet that looks like a robot at Rob-o Café.
  • On the 3rd floor of the small house, the refrigerator contains a chocolate bar inside. You can feed the robot.

To the right of this floor is an apartment consisting of a small kitchen, an upper bed with a study/gaming area below, a bookshelf on the side. The study and play area has a picture of the Earth. Roll it up to get the pink gem with the lovely face on it. Go left of this floor until you see another bedroom. Place the orange haired girl holding the crystal ball into that room.

On the TV there are 3 pictures hanging on the wall. Remove the picture on the far right, you will see a secret shelf containing the Ouija board. Place it on the carpet, then place the purple crystal ball on the left side. This action will summon a ghost donkey crumpet.

Secret at Rob-O Café: Glowing Heart

To the left of Rob-O Café: Glowing Heart, you’ll see benches and an electric board above them. Open that panel to see sparkling hearts. When taking the heart, the room will be dark because it is the power source of the cafe. The heart is still bright, you can even put it in the hand of the character. To light up the room, simply bring the heart back to where you found it.

To the right of the cafe is another table, with a circle above it. Click that table to open it. If there is a stack of discs, remove them and you will see 4 buttons. Click all the buttons until they show a triangle. It will open another table, containing a key. Click on it to open the secret club in Rob-O Café.

Fresh Salad counter in Toca Life World
Fresh Salad counter in Toca Life World

Activity House’s Secret

As the name suggests, Activity House is a place where every character in Toca Life World can gather and participate in different activities. You and your Toca Life friends can skateboard, play musical instruments, take pictures, order salads… This area also “holds” some of the following secrets:

  • Golden Skateboard and Skateboard Trophy: Go to the skate area, then the ramp on the left. You can open a panel with a smiling skull on the side of the ramp. 2 skateboards will appear, one of which is gold. Inside this board is also a gold skateboard trophy.
  • Hoverboard: Go to Fresh Salath, open the toilet next to it and place the Fresh Salath vending machine on the toilet seat. It will slide up and reveal a secret warehouse underneath with a black electric sled inside. Place the Salath machine on the hoverboard to activate it.
  • Secret Crumpet: Go to the 1st floor of the Activity House. On the left there is an exit hole when on an art press. Open it to see the small bed with a red button inside. Press the red button and the secret door on the printer will open, revealing a crumpet.
  • Purple Gem: While on the 1st floor, go further to the left until you see another air vent. Open it, you will see the purple gem inside.

Above is How to unlock secrets in buildings, cafes and community centers in Toca Life World. Hope the article is useful to you.

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