How to install the dynomite dinosaur egg shooting game

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For those who love offline games, especially office workers, they are probably too familiar with the classic dinosaur egg shooting game. The game possesses a simple gameplay, with vivid sound, will definitely dispel fatigue after hours of stressful work and study.


So download and install Dynomite on your computer to comfortably shoot dinosaur eggs when you have free time. Please refer to the detailed installation instructions in the article below:

Steps to install the dynomite dinosaur egg shooting game

Step 1: Download Dynomite from the link above, then double-click the installation file. Window Dynomite Deluxe 2.71 Installer appears, click next to go to the next step.

Dynomite game installation interface

Step 2: After carefully reading the terms that the manufacturer offers, if you agree, click the button I Agree, if you do not agree, then click the button I Don’t Agree.

Agree to install the game Dynomite

Step 3: If you agree, a window will appear to monitor the installation progress, wait a while to finish installing the game to shoot dinosaur eggs on the computer, this process is fast or slow, depending on the computer configuration. yours too.

Dynomite game installation process

Step 4: If you want to launch the Dynomite game right after completing the installation process, check the box Lauch game now, then click Done.

Finish installing game Dynomite

Step 5: Press the button Play to play the fun dinosaur egg shooting game.

Play the Dynomite game

Step 6: Continue to click Click here to play to enter the game.

Start playing the game Dynomite

Step 7: Click New Game to start playing a new game.

Play a new game

Step 8: There will be 4 game modes for you to choose from:

  • Endless Puzzle: Unlimited play.
  • Stomped Puzzle: Clean all.
  • Fossil Challenge: Challenge with fossils.
  • Time Trial: Challenge against time (time limit).

Depending on each person’s preferences, choose a reasonable game mode, here we will guide you to choose the mode. Endless Puzzle.

Choose game mode to shoot dinosaur eggs

Step 9: Continue to choose the level of play:

  • Easy: Easy, only red, green and blue.
  • Thường: Normally, there are red, green, blue and yellow colors.
  • Hard: Difficult, red, green, blue, yellow, purple and white.

If you are new to this game you should choose the mode Easy to get acquainted and try my best.

Choose the game level to shoot dinosaur eggs

Step 10: Now use the mouse or keyboard to adjust the arrows, shoot the eggs of the same color towards each other to score. Be quick, quick and accurate to score lots of points before an egg hits the barrier!

Game interface to shoot dinosaur eggs

Alternatively, you can click Options to set some options:

  • Fullscreen: In the first time playing by default, the mode is displayed in full screen, which helps to shoot eggs more accurately. However, it makes it difficult for you to do other jobs, so if you do not like to have full screen mode just uncheck it.
  • Custom Cursors: Play in minimized window.
  • Music, Sound Fx: Adjust the volume to be loud, small or turn it off completely.

After finishing editing, click Done.

Customize sound, full screen mode

Video instructions for installing and playing dinosaur eggs shooting game

So you already know how to install and Dynomite game play on the computer already. In addition, cYou can also refer to and play some other games of PopCap such as: Bejeweled 3, Plants vs. Games Zombies, Feeding Frenzy.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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