Tips to unlock secret weapons in Alien Shooter

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Alien Shooter is the first version of the famous action shooting game. Players will be able to participate in the “hands-on” shooting screen with a diverse weapon system. However, Alien Shooter also has a secret weapon that not all gamers know. will guide you how to get this powerful weapon to experience.

How to open secret weapons in Alien Shooter:

Alien Shooter is a very popular shooting game among gamers. The game is attractive thanks to the game mode and rich weapon and ammunition system. However, not everyone knows a secret weapon that Sigma has “silently” installed in the game. This special weapon is very powerful with unlimited ammo and can kill many monsters with one shot, but each time you shoot, you will lose 10 drops of health.

Alien Shooter

“Hack” weapons in Alien Shooter

Step 1: Go to Alien Shooter and create a new player in Campaign mode or you can use an existing player.
Step 2: Exit the game Start, find item Run and type “Regedit” in Run then OK

Step 3: In the window Registry Editor you choose HKEY LOCAL MACHINE > SOFTWARE > ETeam > Player Name that you just created or already have.

Then look at the window that appears on the right, scroll down to find keywords: PlayerWeapon0, PlayerWeapon1, PlayerWeapon2…to PlayerWeapon9. These keywords correspond to each weapon in the game that you have in the game.

Step 4: Choose PlayerWeapon0, A small window appears “Edit String”, in section Value Data you will see the value is “0” (meaning you do not have this gun) and you change the number “0” to “1” > click OK.

Besides, You can also change other values ​​for components such as life, ammo, gender, level, points, money like PlayerMoney, PlayerAmmo…Double click on the items to fix the amount of ammo and money. However, if you don’t know exactly what the values ​​you’re changing are, don’t do it because you may not be able to access your player account anymore if you tweak the values ​​incorrectly.

Once done, please restart your computer and log back in Alien Shooter and you will see a surprise. When entering the game, if you want to use this gun, press 0!

Watch a video tutorial on how to open a secret weapon in Alien shooter:

Some cheat codes in Alien Shooter:

  • Cheatf: Has a flashlight
  • Cheate: Through the screen
  • Cheat: Has 1000 HP
  • Cheatw: All Weapons Available
  • Cheata: Has 1000 ammo
  • Cheatm: Have 50,000 Money (Click in Shop)

However, you should only use these commands when practicing or in “urgent” cases. If abused, the game will lose its fun.

Pro tip: When you see a cracked wall, shoot at the crack in the wall to find guns, bullets, blood

You can refer to and download other versions of the game Alien Shooter here.

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