How to build Alistar generals in Wild Rift League

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Alistar is also one of the Support champions in Wild Rift Alliance effective, apart from Blitzcrank and Malphite. Alistar’s strong point is CC and Armor combos. To learn in detail how to play, build, … for the most effective general Alistar in the League of Wild Rift, read the following article.

General Alistar in Wild Rift has strong defense as well as CC skill to effectively hold the target. This champion is usually played in the top lane, Baron lane in Wild Rift.

how to build alistar in toc chien alliance

The most effective way to map Alistar

How to build Alistar generals in Wild Rift League

I. Outfit for general Alistar in Wild Rift

1. Winter’s Approach
Winter’s Approach grants Alistar bonus armor equal to 1% of maximum Mana and restores 15% of missing Mana, stores tears after 4 seconds, up to 3 stacks.

With each basic attack, the player will gain up to 8 Mana (up to 700 Mana). When it reaches 700 Mana, Winter’s Approach will be upgraded to Fimbulwinter.

2. Mercury Treads
With boots for Alistar, you can build Mercury Treads to increase magic resistance as well as reduce CC (Crowd Control) duration by 30%.

3. Protector’s Vow
Because Alistar is played in the position of Wild Rift Support, it is necessary to support Carry protection in emergency situations.

By equipping Alistar with Protector’s Vow, the ally closest to the location gains 125 shield and gains 20% Movement Speed ​​for 1.5 seconds when taking damage from an opponent, monster, or turret. Also this item gives Alistar 40 more Armor, 10% cooldown reduction and 350 HP.

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4. Zeke’s Convergence
This item gives Alistar the ability to reduce the target’s movement speed around 20% after using his ultimate, increasing the damage of basic attacks by 30% as well as burning effects.

5. Randuin’s Omen (Randuin ice shield)
Gunners in Wild Rift can become “invincible” when they have high attack speed. To be able to defeat these generals, you should equip Alistar with Randuin’s Omen (Randuin ice shield) to reduce the opponent’s critical damage and attack speed by 15%.

6. Thornmail (armor of spikes)
To make Alistar stronger than the opponent’s gunner, you can choose Thornmail (armor of spikes). This item gives Alistar an extra 75 Armor and 200 HP.

Passive, Thornmail can inflict Grievous Wounds (reduced healing) to targets that take damage from Alistar’s basic attack.

[Upgrade Mercury Treads: Gargoyle Enchant]

To upgrade Alistar’s shoes, you can choose Gargoyle Enchant, to gain up to 40% more HP and reduce damage taken by 60% for 4 seconds after activating the item. In case if there are 3 or more enemies nearby, this item can increase Alistar’s HP up to 100%.

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II. Add runes for Alistar in Wild Rift

1. Aftershock (aftershock)

With Alistar’s main rune, you can choose Aftershock to increase Alistar’s Armor and Magic Resist after applying CC to the target.

After running out of Armor and additional magic resistance, Aftershock will create an explosion that deals 12 – 110 damage (depending on player level) to surrounding targets.

2. Weakness

The passive that Weakness gives increases damage to enemies, stuns or reduces the target’s movement speed.

how to build alistar in alliance toc chien 3

3. Conditioning
This rune grants Alistar 8 Armor and Magic Resist after 5 minutes of battle.

4. Pack Hunter
Finally, this rune grants Alistar 2% movement speed while near an ally. In addition, Alistar and each unique ally participating, defeating the opponent’s champion will receive 50 gold.

III. Add Summoner Spells for Alistar in Wild Rift

1. Ignite (incineration)
Ignite greatly benefits Alistar in duels. You can use Ignite when the opponent’s HP is exhausted, the summoner spell deals 60 – 410 damage (depending on level) over 5 seconds, enough to finish the target.

how to build alistar in alliance 4

2. Flash (variable speed)
Use this summoner spell when chasing or running away from an opponent. The cooldown of this summoner spell is relatively long, 150 seconds.

IV. Skill combo for Alistar in Wild Rift

– Passive – Roar of Victory: Alistar stacks roars by stunning or knocking back enemy champions or when nearby enemies die. At full stack, Alista heals herself and all nearby allied champions

– Skill 1: Crush: Alistar slams the ground, dealing damage to nearby enemies and knocking them into the air

– Skill 2: Bull Bull: Alistar rams a target, knocking it away and dealing damage to it. It can also target turrets to deal damage.

– Skill 3: Trample: Units standing in the trampled circle will deal a small amount of damage, activate the ability to help Alista pass through minions, charging enough stacks for the next attack to stun the target.

– Last skill: Indomitable: Alistar roars, removes all crowd control, and reduces physical and magic damage taken by 55% for 7 seconds.

how to build alistar in league of toc chien 5

V. How to use Alistar Combo in Wild Rift

– Use Skill 1 Pulverize during use Skill 2 Headbutt to approach the enemy. (This combo helps you stun the enemy in place without being sent away when using 2 Headbutt each)
– Use skill combos only when necessary, for example when the target is near you, just use sử Skill 1 Pulverize or use Skill 1 Pulverize to prevent enemy assassins from approaching the ADC.

how to build alistar in alliance 6

– Use Skill 3 Use Trample while near a crowd to damage nearby targets and stun 1 enemy champion.

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