How to play Among Us as Crewmate

Hướng dẫn chơi Among Us

Among Us is an interesting team spirit challenge game with gameplay similar to Werewolf Online. The article will guide you how to play Among Us as Crewmate – Astronauts to quickly detect the impostors and expel them from the crew.

How to play Among Us

Would you like to know how it feels to betray your friends and lose people’s trust? If your answer is yes then you should try the game Among Us of InnerSloth.

Among Us assign the task of repairing the base or future spaceship to the player, in which one to two astronauts in the crew are fake. They try to kill the real astronaut according to plan. The game encourages players to speak only during certain discussions to level the playing field for imposters. This creates a intense, dramatic gameplay. Here, people must try to distract, accuse and save themselves from being expelled from the spacecraft.

The article below will give you some Tips for playing Among Us as astronauts for beginners to quickly immerse themselves. Note, each game in Among Us is randomly generated. There are some things in the game you cannot control, especially in discussions.

Play as an astronaut in Among Us

Tips to play Among Us in some Crewmate

If you are assigned as an astronaut in Among Us, you will be tasked with completing the job anywhere on the spaceship. These tasks are listed in the upper left of the screen. You can complete them in any order. If you play Among Us on PC, you should change the control to mouse & keyboard, instead of just using the mouse if you do not want to be destroyed quickly.

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When the game starts, try to complete as many missions as possible. Try to join a group so that you don’t become the target of the impostor. This also gives you real evidence if someone is accused of being a murderer.

You will always want to focus on completing a task because that is one of the only ways your team can truly win. Among Us includes many mini-games from scanning IDs, cleaning up trash to exploding asteroids. However, you should delay some of the tasks, for example, a medical scan in Medbay because others can see how you are done. Since the impostor is unable to perform the mission, it will prove you are a real astronaut.

Avoid wandering around too much, as it will only lead to premature death. If you need to complete the task in an uninhabited place, pay attention to your surroundings. An impostor can jump out from any Vent. In other words, they easily access nearly every room on each map. Conversely, if you are in a group, you should keep minimal distance from other members. If everyone stood too close together, the impostor could act without being detected. By taking the space when traveling with the crew, the killer will need to find a way to reach you.

Choose an imposter in Among Us

Of course, the most important thing when playing Crewmate is how you handle the situation during the discussion time. This is where everyone can talk. How a discussion goes completely depends on what happened before and who is playing with you. However, if you are trying to influence the outcome of the discussion, here are a few tips to help you survive in Among Us:

  • Don’t talk too much.
  • Stop trusting people. The impostor will say everything to stay alive.
  • Be clear about what you do when asked. Vague words are easy to be listed as suspects.
  • Skip the vote if you are not sure who is trustworthy.
  • If you know who the imposter is, be confident and take them straight out of the group.
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You cannot win every discussion, so do not hold grudges while playing. Among Us is a team game, you need to rely on your teammates, but you can also die for other players so be always alert and act wisely.

The above is how to play Among Us as an astronaut. Hope the article is useful to you.

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