Tips to shoot a lot of fish in the game Shoot fish to eat coins

Shooting fish to eat coins is currently a very hot game because the gameplay is simple, gentle, but attracts players right from the first screen. Join the game, you will immerse in an exciting hunt under the ocean with a variety of beautiful and diverse sea creatures and diverse weapons and items right on your phone.

But how to shoot more fish? Which weapon should I choose or what kind of fish will get the highest score is really not easy at all? So is there a trick or trick to shoot a lot of fish in this game? Please refer to the following article to accumulate more experience shooting a lot of fish and eat a lot of coins in the game Shoot fish to eat coins.

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Tips to shoot a lot of fish in the game Shoot fish to eat coins

Want to shoot more fish, you must first know how many weapons are in the game, the following we will list for you the types of weapons and effects of each weapon:

  • Cannon: With 7 levels of ammunition from low to high.
  • Explosive bombs: Once kill all fish in the affected area.
  • Poison: Tossing 1 time poisoning many fish increases the chance of hitting.
  • Radiation: Dropping 1 times increases hit rate and doubles bonus points.
  • Shock: Will cause all fish in the affected area to be jerky, reduced blood pressure.
  • Shark trap: Just release on the shark’s path will trap, with a time limit of 30 seconds.
  • Duplicate Gold: Drop any Item you will get mirrored Gold.
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Tips to shoot a lot of fish in the game Shoot fish to eat coins

When you grasp the effect of each weapon you can apply to the game, when buying weapons you will lose a coin but in return have the ability to catch more fish. So how to shoot effectively? Shoot so that the hit rate is the highest? You can refer to the following 3 ways to shoot:

How to shoot in the head

Using large rounds 4 and 5, when using this type of ammunition you have to hunt for fish with more than 5 coins, but these fish are usually quite strong, so you should wait for them to form swarms and then shoot. high efficiency.

Tips to shoot a lot of fish in the game Shoot fish to eat coins

How to shoot 3-5 rounds

Using bullets 2, when targeting the object you want to shoot, shoot continuously 3-5 times at the fish, they usually go in groups of about 10, which will increase the ability to catch more.

How to shoot giants

Choose the most expensive ammunition and aim at the shark, with this shot you can salvage the entire ocean but it will cost you a lot of coins. Pay attention to see if you have enough coins to play this way!

Through each Level you will receive 1 of 3 random gift boxes with many valuable rewards from special items to Gold or Ruby. And especially you will receive a discount of bullets up to 50%. So please pay attention to make use of these gift boxes.

Tips to shoot a lot of fish in the game Shoot fish to eat coins

Another point to note is that for each Level there will be a Bonus screen that will appear a flock of horizontal lines, try to shoot to get a lot of points in times like this.

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Use a mustache strategy

One of the most common mistakes in beginners is to be greedy and aim for the big fish first to get more coins and ignore the small fish. This is really a must-play, if you are a newbie then it’s best not to take the risk. Because, when shooting big fish does not die, you will lose some extremely large bullets and the fish that are lost will not be charged.

Instead, you should know how to take advantage of the small angle of the shooting machine to shoot small fish. Rotate the barrel of the gun continuously. Then, you should shoot one at a time, slowly and for each bullet go one direction, each bullet stick 1 fish, big fish shoot 2-3 rounds. In this way, instead of using 10 concentrated bullets to shoot and kill the big fish but the chance of success is low, with 10 bullets you can both shoot and kill the small fish and kill the big fish.

Shoot the fish when the fish is just off the table

Pay close attention to the fish that have just come out of the table to aim at immediately. If the player knows the baseline on the fish that are likely to die in this way, then eating coins will be quite easy, you just need to simply sit and load the bullets in the corners of the table and wait for the fish to shoot and receive coins. .

Shoot up bullets

This way of shooting can be understood simply as shooting up bullets, shooting 9 fish with 1 bullet each and then increasing from 1 to 2, 3,4, … When shooting 100 rounds, you will lose 558 points but in return the fish always die and you will get 1000 compensation points. No matter what shot the fish dies in, you will still make a lot of profit. If you are faster, you can also increase the amount of ammo in many other ways and the coins can be collected more and more.

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Shoot the ball tape

This way of playing is essentially increasing the number of bullets fired at a fish at the same time. When you shoot a few bullets against the wall, the bullet will bounce back to the fish. While the bullets have not reached the fish, you shoot more direct bullets. Meanwhile, two lines of bullets will shoot at the fish at the same time, the probability of dead fish will be higher.

In addition, you can refer to some of the following fish shooting games: Fishing Diary for Android, Fishing Joy for iOS, Fishing Mania for iOS … If you do not want to install it on your computer, you can play Shoot fish to eat coins online at Funny game.

Wish you earn lots of coins!

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