Instructions for installing and playing Mini World Royale on the computer

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Mini World Royale is a survival shooter game the newest is being loved by many people However, currently this game has only released a beta version for the Android operating system and is not officially available on the app stores.

Previously, guided people to download and play Mini World Royale on your phone. Today, we continue to introduce the article instructions for installing and playing Mini World Royale on the computer by emulator software, please refer to.

Instructions for installing Mini World Royale on your computer

Step 1: Since this game currently does not have an official version on the computer, so to download this game we need to open emulator Android on PC like: BlueStacks or Droid4X. In this article we will use emulator software BlueStacks.

Download BlueStacks on Windows Download BlueStacks on Mac

Step 2: Open browser on emulator then visit and page

Step 3: Then click search box at the top of the screen.

Click the search box

Step 4: Enter keywords “Mini World Royale”Or click the download button below.

Download Mini World Royale

Step 5: At the game’s introduction on the web page, click the button Download.

Click the Download button

Step 6: At this time, the file download window appears, click the button Download.

Click the Download button

Step 7: Wait a moment for the APK file of the game to be downloaded to your computer.

Step 8: After the download is successful, click the button Install (Settings) on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Click the Install button

Step 9: Continue to wait for a while for the game installation to be completed, then click on the button Open (Open).

Click the Open button

Instructions to play Mini World Royale on the computer

Step 1: We’ll first wait a while for the game’s system to update the data.

Step 2: Next, please press the button Guest.

Press the Guest button

Step 3: At this point players will have to shape their character, by choosing sex, to name, then click the button Create.

Character creation

Step 4: Choose the level of play as “Newbie“Or”High players“, Then press the button Confirm.

Choose your level of play

Step 5: Next, players will be taken to the waiting lobby to enter the official match, at which point we will begin to get acquainted with the basic operations such as:

  • Drag the screen up and down, left and right to adjust the character’s direction of view as well as to aim.
  • Press and move circle on the left side of the screen to adjust the direction and move the character.
  • The humanoid icon with the gun behind is to jump up, also figure holding a gun in front is walking down.
  • To run fast, press people icons on the right side of the middle of the screen.

Get familiar with the basic operations

Step 6: Now, when the game has officially started, pull circle the left side to navigate and find the flight landing place.

Control the plane to land

Step 7: To determine where you are, please click on map in the top right corner of the screen.

View the map

Step 8: Then continue to move your character to the nearest house to find weapons for yourself.

Step 9: Get close to weapons and items to pick up and collect them in your pocket.

Pick up items

Step 10: Move and find other players to destroy them, to shoot and attack others we need to hit that person and press continuously on bullet icon to shoot the target. Try to kill many people and avoid being attacked by others.

Click on the bullet icon

Step 11: After the defeat or the match ends, the screen will display your achievements.

The results of the match

Wish you all success!

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