How to play Bullet Rush! on PC using NoxPlayer

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Bullet Rush! is a great action shooting game on mobile. Bullet Rush! gameplay is easier than classic FPS games thanks to automatic shooting mode. And now you can Bullet Rush! on PC via NoxPlayer emulator with a larger screen and smart keyboard controls.

After installing NoxPlayer on your PC, type the keyword Bullet Rush! into the search bar. Bullet Rush! will appear, then just press the button Install to install the game.

Bullet Rush on NoxPlayer

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Tips for playing Bullet Rush! on PC using NoxPlayer

1. Aim the target enemy and move with the mouse cursor in the direction of the movement of the character. The shooting action will take place automatically.

Bullet Rush shooting game

2. Collect money after you defeat all enemies.

Receive money for killing all opponents in Bullet Rush

3. Shoot more enemies, your attack range will expand.

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4. After unlocking more levels and earning more money, you will have the opportunity to unlock more skins and receive your own pet.

Bullet Rush play 4 - Emergenceingame

5. Use NoxPlayer’s keyboard controls to control the character’s movement.

Bullet Rush play 5 - Emergenceingame

The above is Bullet Rush instructions to play! on PC. Basically, it is a very funny and funny shooting game with VOODOO style. If you have ever loved, Crowd City or, do not be foolish to ignore this game. Playing Bullet Rush on PC will give you a more comfortable, hands-on shooting experience on the big screen. The game is extremely suitable for stress relief after days of stressful study or work.

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