Tips to play Legend Moba for beginners

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Similar to League of Legends or DOTA, when you step into Moba Legends, you have a lot of things to learn and learn to quickly integrate into the game. There are many generals to choose from, countless equipment, and buffs are equally diverse.

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In general there are a lot of things to learn, please follow along’s post To grasp the most basic things before entering this legendary MOBA game:

Recipes of playing Legend Moba for beginners

Start with simple heroes

The hero system in Moba Legends is extremely diverse and rich, each general possesses different strengths and abilities to counter. Similar to playing League of Legends or DOTA, choosing a hero with new players is also extremely difficult. It’s best to start with simple, easy-to-play heroes like:

  • Hero Strength: Odin, Huyen Vu, Quan Vu …
  • Agility Hero: Ivy, Trieu Van, Dastan, Kenshin …
  • Mind Hero: Kikyo, Sakura, Pandora …

Hero Trieu Van

Understand hero attributes

Knowing carefully the hero’s properties will help you choose a hero easier, so that it is rationally arranged to quickly gain an advantage in the battle. Heroes in Moba Legends are divided into 3 types of attributes:

  • Strength (Strength): In terms of health and healing, for every 1 point of strength, you gain 19 health and 0.03 health per second.
  • Agility: Regarding attack speed and armor, for every 1 point of agility increases 1% of attack speed, 7 points gain 6 armor points.
  • Intelligence (Intelligence): Regarding mana and mana regeneration rate, for every 1 mental point, he gains 13 mana and 0.05 mana regeneration / second.

Find out the equipment system

Equipment is a very important factor in MOBA games, which greatly determines the outcome of the match. The equipment for each game is extremely important, because each game will have a different layout, requiring players to know how to improvise accordingly.

Equipment system

In Moba Legends, equipment is divided into 6 categories: Attribute, Attack, Spell, Defense, Movement, and Consumption. As follows:

  • Equip Attribute: Champion damage is determined by its main attributes. Main equipment will include 10 Power items, 9 Agility items and 9 Mind items.
  • Assault Equipment: For champions that favor physical damage, dependent on basic attacks. There are a total of 33 attack tank items in Moba Legends.
  • Authorized Equipment: As an equipment class for mage generals, generals often use moves to deal damage. There are a total of 25 magic items.
  • Defense Equipment: Is equipped with a reputation for tank champions, especially Power generals. There are a total of 37 defensive equipment.
  • Moving Equipment: An equipment layer that increases mobility when worn, mostly shoes. There are a total of 12 items that provide mobility, of which 6 are shoes.
  • Consumable Equipment: As the equipment class that disappears when used, there are 8 consumable items in total.

Understand auxiliary spells

Legend Moba has all 6 summoner spells, which can be activated at all times during combat. You can use these add-on spells as follows:

  • Revive stone: Revive immediately after death, the respawn stone’s recovery time is 1200 seconds (20 minutes).
  • The stone moves: Helps to move to any location on the map, the recovery time is also 1200 seconds.
  • Astronaut Stone: Will gain 350 movement speed over 15 seconds. This effect will be lost immediately upon taking damage, with a recovery time of 1200 seconds.
  • Mini Shop: Can be purchased anywhere on the map, with a recovery time of 1200 seconds.
  • Diamond rhinestones: Added instantly to all allied buildings with 15,000 armor, with almost no loss of health when the enemy attacked. Duration 5 seconds, recovery 480 seconds.
  • God’s eyes: Illuminate an area in seconds, providing vision for you and your teammates. Recovery time 1200 seconds.

Complementary spells

Understand the endowment system

The endowed system in Moba Legends is also very important, helping players increase the power of their generals. The power of endowment depends on 3 types of jade: Ruby, Emerald and Emerald. You can track specific stats of each gem by level:

Hong Ngoc Index.

Index of Lam Ngoc.

The Luc Ngoc Index.

Pay attention to jungle monsters

The strongest jungle monster in Moba Legends is the Soul Eater Zaka, it is very powerful. When you want to destroy it you have to mobilize the whole team to complete the mission, don’t “risky” solo alone with it.

Knowing these basics, you will quickly arrange the formation, choose the right equipment and types of support to increase strength during combat. Also, do not forget to enter Moba Legendary Giftcode to receive attractive rewards!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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