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Stream 650 - Emergenceingame

Stream in general and stream games in particular are becoming a popular movement around the world. Stream game can mean that players use a 3rd party software or service to directly record their game and then share it with friends or gamers community around the world or in your area.

Twitch TV is one such service, but its quality and popularity go beyond that. Two famous game consoles, Xbox and PS (from Microsoft and Sony), chose Twitch TV as a streaming service for their games. If you also want to manually stream the game, please follow the following article of

How to use Twitch TV to stream games


  • Account Twitch TV.
  • Software Open Broadcaster Software (OBS).
  • Graphics support software DirectX.

Requirements to configure the device to stream using Twitch TV:

As recommended by Twitch, in order for the streaming to be effective, the user’s device needs to meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Chip Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent chip.
  • Memory DDR3 SDRAM at least 8GB.
  • Minimum operating system Windows 8 or higher.


Step 1: First you need to Download and install software that supports DirectX graphics before.

Download DirectX 9.0

Download and install DirectX software

Step 2: Continue to download and install Open Broadcaster Software.

OBS – Open Broadcaster Software

Have you noticed, if you are not sure if your device has installed DirectX yet? We can install OBS first, if it is missing, it will display a message. Then go back to install DirectX and then continue to install OBS later.

Install OBS software

Step 3: Access to Twitch home page and click Sign up To register an account. After logging in, guys Click the show username section, choose to enter Dashboard.


Step 4: Continue to select the item Stream Key / Show Key to get the usage code.

Stream Key

Click left mouse button on I Understand.

How to use Twitch to stream games on your computer

Stream Key appears, you save it for a bit more use.

Stream games on your computer with Twitch

Step 5: Turn on the game to stream to, enter the game as if playing normally.

Stream games using Twitch

Step 6: Start up Open Broadcaster Software. Click Right click in the Sources box then choose Add / Game capture.


Name this Capture already OK.

To name

Step 7: In the Select Application section, click arrow icon Then select the software or application to stream.

For example:

In this tutorial, uses emulator Droid4X to play game “Legendary Campaign“should be Select Application is [Droid4X].

Setup for OBS
Select the app to stream then OK

Step 8: Back to the main interface of Open Broadcaster Software, we see Capture just selected has appeared, Left mouse button on Settings to establish connection with Twitch.


Step 9: You choose the item Broadcast Settings Do the following with the items in Settings:

  • Mode: Choose Live Streaming.
  • Streaming Service: Click the down arrow icon and choose Twitch.
  • FMS URL (or possibly Server): You choose which server is closest to your area to better connect with Twitch.
  • Play Path / Stream Key: Enter the Stream Key we just received above.

Install to stream the game
Set up Broadcast Settings


After this setup, you will see below some red warning appear, do not pay attention to it. That’s the hint for additional settings that Open Broadcaster Software requires. Click Apply To save your settings in Broadcast Settings, then continue on Advanced and further set up according to the other suggestions.


To see if we have fulfilled the requirements, just go back to the Broadcast Settings section, if the red alert is gone, it’s OK.

Stream 13 ok - Emergenceingame
Follow the request of Open Broadcaster Software then OK

Step 10: Now you can start streaming, you click Start Streaming.

Start game streaming
Left click on the microphone and speaker icons to increase and decrease the volume while streaming

Step 11: You can see that the game’s interface will be displayed right on the empty frame of Open Broadcaster Software. When you want to end, just left-click Stop Streaming.

Stop streaming

We can compare game play and streaming through the image below.

game monitor and streaming

After finishing the game stream, want to watch it again, click on the item Preview Stream.


Image from the stream of the Game of Legendary Campaigns by Twitch.

Stream 18 done - Emergenceingame

So we have finished streaming the game on the computer. When performing this process, the following should be kept in mind:

  • Because Twitch currently only supports public streaming, meaning that everything you return will be shown to all others participating in the server you choose.
  • Do not share or tell anyone about your Stream Key, it is like a link, “house key” and anyone with this key can stream to your channel.
  • Required to comply with requests (red request by Open Broadcaster Software.
  • Game Capture mode is not applicable to all games (especially Open GL games such as Minecraft). If you are playing a game and the screen goes black, an error has occurred.
  • If the Game Capture mode cannot be used, switch to the mode Monitor Capture (this mode will return to your entire computer screen).
  • Before executing stream in mode Monitor Capture, should disable Windows Aero effect because this effect consumes a large amount of machine resources and will most likely cause errors during streaming.
  • To use this mode, you right-click on the frame Sources and Remove Game Capture, then perform the same selection again.
  • To share your video stream with others, just send them a Twitch site link in the format ” (where User is the username you are using).

Writer rating:

Although mentioned on the basic computer configuration to be able to stream games by Twitch, that is a fairly high requirement. However, when doing this tutorial, I use it on Core i3 laptop, 4GB RAM and Windows 7 operating system. As a result, the streaming is still quite “slick” with no lag, slow or slow. Any delay.

Wish you all success!

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