Tips to play Fruit Ninja with high scores

Fruit Ninja HD large - Emergenceingame

Fruit Ninja is one of the classic games on mobile devices with a simple but equally challenging fruit slashing style. It won’t take you any time to learn how to play the game, but not everyone knows the tricks to score high in Fruit Ninja. Let’s find out good tips in this attractive fruit slashing game!

Fruit Ninja includes 3 main game modes: Classic, Arcade and Zen. Today, would like to introduce to you how to play Fruit Ninja to get high score with Arcade mode for beginners. You can play the game offline. Within 60 seconds, your task is to cut as many fruits as possible to score an impressive score, setting the stage for the fighting game mode later.

Tips to score high in Fruit Ninja

From the main menu, select Game Mode to access the Fruit Ninja game mode screen. Use your finger to cut across the cell Arcade with a banana icon to start Play games with 60 second timer.

Fruit Ninja HD 2 - Emergenceingame

Slash as many combos as possible:

Combo is an operation slash at least 3 fruits without lifting your hand off the screen, forming a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

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When creating a combo of 3 or more fruits, a message will appear on the screen Fruit Combo + the number of slashed fruits. Every time you create a combo, you will score 5, 10 or up to 30 points when slashing 18 combos in a row. So, try to maintain this form to create lots of combos in succession, helping you to score impressive points.

Fruit Ninja HD 8 - Emergenceingame

Note that the fruit will fly from the bottom of the screen to the top in a certain direction. Pay attention to observe the group of fruits that also appear for a while and slash quickly in the corresponding direction to create combos. Fruits can be flown in groups close together or arranged horizontally or vertically, depending on the situation for you to decide your slash to be able to split many fruits at the same time.

Bananas will bring you good luck:

Banana is not only a fruit rich in nutritional value and very delicious, this is also a talisman for you in each level of Fruit Ninja. Whenever you encounter a banana, you need to slash quickly to take advantage of it, especially when creating combos with other fruits. There are 3 types of banana combos: orange banana, light green banana and dark green banana.

Fruit Ninja HD 4 - Emergenceingame

On the screen is a light green banana covered by a layer of ice, representing the freezing feature. When slashing this ice banana, the countdown timer of Fruit Ninja will pause for a moment, the fruits also fly slower, making it easy to create combos of 3, 4, 5 even more types. fruit. But pay attention, if you slash the bomb, the effect of the banana combo will disappear immediately. This rule applies to all bananas.

Fruit Ninja HD 5 - Emergenceingame

Dark green bananas will help you double the score from the beginning of this banana until it expires. When appearing at the end of the game screen, the dark green banana will help you increase your score dizzy

Fruit Ninja HD 6 - Emergenceingame

It is interesting that when you are in the time of benefiting from any type of banana, the screen appears a second banana. For example, there is an ice banana to stop time, then a dark green banana appears, slash it right away. to continue receiving this offer.

The case where 2 bombs appear at the same time will give you many advantages, but 3 bombs appearing at the same time is a rare case. You can score up to 250, 300 points If you meet these 3 types of bananas at the same time, it only takes a few seconds. If these 3 bombs appear in the last seconds, the score will be more impressive because there will be a lot of combos created and importantly, the score is doubled.

Fruit Ninja HD 7 - Emergenceingame

When you cut an orange banana, Fruit will fly like rain on the screen for you to slash freely. This is a great opportunity to create “huge” combos of 5 or 6 fruits at once. Take this opportunity to increase your score, but remember, fruit does not appear alone. In a fruit forest, there will be obnoxious bombs, choose to hit the fruit and remove the bomb to not lose points.

Some other Fruit Ninja tips:

If slash bombs 3 times in a 60 second level, you will become a true bomb lover (Bomb Lover) and yes get 50 bonus points at the end of the game. Each time you hit a bomb, you will lose 10 points. So, if you land 3 bombs per turn, you automatically earn 20 bonus points.

Fruit Ninja HD 10 - Emergenceingame

Pomegranate will appear at the end of the level, slash this pomegranate consecutively to making hits get you 50 bonus points. Players can use continuous tapping on the screen instead of slashing to increase the number of hits to the maximum.

Fruit Ninja HD 9 - Emergenceingame

Playing games on some heavy graphics devices will help you easily score many points because the fruit will fly more slowly, easily creating combos or accurately slashing the fruit.

please try cut fruit with 2 or 3 fingers to see the unexpected happen – the chances of scoring will be higher. But playing with one finger really shows the level of gamers!

Fruit Ninja is a simple game, but luck is also a determining factor for your success. Learning from the above experiences of playing Fruit Ninja, plus the skillful and agile finger slashing experience on the touch screen with a little luck, you will easily master this game! Have fun playing the game!

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