Tips to play FIFA Online 3 without lag, jerky

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FIFA Online 3 is a famous online soccer game that is loved by many gamers. However, during the game, many gamers experience stuttering, lag or standing still, making players feel extremely uncomfortable. So how to get rid of these discomforts? Is there a way to fix it?

This is probably the question that many gamers need to answer. So invite you to consult some tips below to play FIFA Online 3 smoother:

How to play FIFA Online 3 without lag, jerky

There are many causes of lag, jerky when playing FIFA Online 3, so you check the following reasons in turn to see which case you fall into to fix it:

1. Poor network connection:

Wifi network or LAN is not stable, often when using public Wifi or poor quality packages, even wired networks can also have this case.

How to fix: Use a strong, stable wifi network, fast data transfer speed, place the computer near the Wifi transmitter. Or you can also change the DNS code to find yourself the best DNS pair, here are some DNS pairs for your reference:

  • –
  • –
  • –
  • –

But the best you should use the pair: –, when using this DNS pair, the phenomenon of jerky, lag is no more, the game is smoother and smoother. The way to change DNS is as follows:

Right-click the network icon on the Taskbar, select Open Network and Sharing Center. Then click Change adapter settings.

Adapter setup

Continue right-clicking Local Area Connection, choose Properties.

Right-click on Local Area Connection

Window Local Area Connection Properties appears, click on the line Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4), then click on Properties.

Click on Internet Protocol Version 4

Here, please tick the box Use the following DNS server addresses: Then enter into the box Preferred DNS server, still umbrella Alternate DNS server then enter Then press OK to complete the DNS change.

DNS change

2. Power is not stable:

The unstable power source, the constantly changing amperage is also one of the reasons why the FIFA Online 3 gaming process is interrupted.

How to fix: You can use a voltage stabilizer to keep the power source stable, avoiding power flicker when playing games.

3. Running too many programs at once:

For the average configuration machine when running too many programs at once will make the RAM memory full, leading to stutter and lag when playing games. When this is the case, use the virtual memory Page File available in Windows, to increase the performance of the machine by: Right click My Computer, choose Properties, then press next Advanced System Settings.

Click on Advanced System Settings

Window System Properties appears, click the card Advanced. In the item Performance Press the button Settings …

Click the Advanced tab

Then click on the tab Advanced, in the item Virtual Memory, press select Change …

Click the Change ... button.

You will now see the window Virtual Memory appears, with a checkmark in the box Automatically manage paging file size for all drivesThis means that Windows will automatically adjust the size of the Page File. Please uncheck this checkmark and then tick No paging file, then press the button Set and restart the computer.

Set up virtual memory Page File

In addition, when you use old, unofficial versions of the game or the new update is not compatible with the screen resolution, it also causes lag, initial jerky.

Hopefully with the above tips will help gamers find the right fix for their computer, bringing an extremely interesting gaming experience, unleashing the ball!

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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